The Core of the Conflict

     Since Egypt and Jordan have made peace treaties with Israel, why can’t the Palestinians

Simply, because the very existence of Israel is not compatible with their own existence.

The international community can’t figure out why the peace process, two state solution  won’t work. The answer is, the dispute is not so much over territory, but ideology. For Arabs, Palestinians and most Muslims, this struggle is part of a Permanent Revolution against the infidel.

Without understanding this concept, it is impossible to know why all efforts to impose a Palestinian state alongside Israel are doomed to failure. The primary goal of Palestinian nationalism is to wipe out the State of Israel, not to recognize or permit its existence.

Any form of Palestinian statehood that accepts Israeli sovereignty in what they believe is Muslim lands, stolen by the Jews, is, by their definition, heretical. This is clear in both the Hamas and PLO charters.

These organizations do not constitute a national identity, but are simply political entities developed as part of a terrorist agenda. Their struggle is not to achieve statehood alongside Israel, but to replace Israel.    

Palestinian identity means the struggle to “liberate Palestine from the Zionists” and it has become an international cause that has bound Muslims together, as part of Jihad, with much broader implications – a Permanent Global Islamic Revolution.

Two state proposals, therefore, with Palestinian statehood as a territorial goal, means the end to the struggle to eradicate Israel. This explains why no Palestinian leader will agree to Western and Zionist interests and why making compromises is an anathema. It means the denial of the “Nakba” of 1948 and admitting that everything that they have fought for was in vain.

Statehood means that the millions of refugees, in camps and around the world will no longer be considered “refugees”. UNRWA will be out of business.

Statehood means the armed struggle is over. It means that the concept of Palestinianism created by the PLO, accepted by much of the international community and the media, to “liberate  Palestine” is finished.

Statehood involves taking responsibility, ending incitement and violence, corruption and lawlessness and accepting Israel means an end the Revolution, a national betrayal and an Islamic heresy.

In this context, for most Palestinians and their supporters, the ‘Peace Process” is just a road map to defeat.

So called ‘peace treaties’ and ‘road maps’ are worthless. It is futile to appeal to the good will of Israel’s enemies. They have no moral ethics when it comes to dialogues or diplomacy. They consider such efforts, just as a sign of weakness.

With regard to Bible prophecy, the majority of church leaders are like ostriches with their heads in the sand, while their congregations remain in a state of woeful ignorance of end times. This state of affairs will soon come to an earth shattering end when the Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath happens. The world will never be the same again.