The Appointed Time

Isaiah 60:1-22 Arise! Shine, Jerusalem, for your light has come – over you the glory of the Lord has dawned. Though darkness covers the earth, on you the Lord shines. Over you His glory will appear. Nations and kings will come to your light. Look – your sons and daughters are coming from afar, all assembling in the Land. You will rejoice at the sight. The wealth of nations will be yours. Droves of camels laden with treasure will come and flocks of sheep will cover the Land, acceptable offerings for My altar and to enhance the splendour of My Temple.

Who are these that sail along like clouds? They are vessels assembling from the coasts and islands bringing your children from far away, their treasures with them, for the honour of the Holy One of Israel. In My wrath, I struck you down, now in My favour I show you pity. Foreigners and kings will work for you.

For the nation that refuses to serve you will perish, there will be widespread devastation among such nations. The glory of Lebanon shall come to you, to adorn My holy sanctuary. All who reviled you shall pay you homage, calling Jerusalem “The City of the Lord”. I shall give My Land and people everlasting renown. You will receive the best gifts from kings and the nations. Then you will acknowledge that your Redeemer is the Mighty One of Israel. For copper you shall have gold, for iron, silver. You will live in peace and righteousness will rule over you. No more will havoc and ruin be within your borders. Your walls will be deliverance and your gates, praise.

The sun and moon will no longer be your light, for the Lord will be your everlasting light. Your days of mourning will be ended. The Lord’s people, all of them righteous, will possess the Land forever. They are My own planting, the work of My hands for My adornment. The few will become a great nation.

At the appointed time, I, the Lord, will bring this swiftly to pass.  Isaiah 49:8, Psalms 102:12-22                                                                                                 Ref. REB. Some verses abridged.

‘At the Appointed time’: God has appointed times for His celebrations and actions. Acts 17:31 In Leviticus 23:24, He decreed that His people should observe the first day of the seventh month, as Yom Teruah; the day of Trumpet sounding. That day is Tishri 1 – the first of the fall feasts, usually coming in September. There was no explanation given by God for this reminder and the only time it has had significance was when Ezra read the Torah to the returned Jews. Nehemiah 8:1-6

But it seems probable that God has in mind a more dramatic fulfilment for this Day. There is coming a Day of vengeance and wrath, the Lord’s judgement/punishment of the nations, described many times as a Day of trumpet sounds and great noise heard around the world.

 ‘darkness covers the earth’:It may be months before the smoke and ash from thewidespread devastation’ of this disastrous fire from the sky  clears. Jeremiah 4:23-27

However, this may also be allegorized: the darkness being people’s separation from God and the Lord our everlasting Light, those who enjoy the Lord’s favour.

The Lord’s people, all of them righteous, assembling from the coasts and islands’, Isaiah 49:8-11, Ezekiel 20:34. They travel on every type of transport to the new country of Beulah. Isaiah 62:1-5, Isaiah 66:20

‘Over you, His Glory will appear’, His Glory, not his presence. Then you will acknowledge your Redeemer’. The Return of Jesus for His Millennium reign will come later.

The wealth of nations will be yours’, This happened before; at the first Exodus, the Israelites took treasure from the Egyptians.  Exodus 11:2‘The splendour of My Temple’, One of the first projects of the new inhabitants of Beulah, will be to build the third Temple. The Temple mount will have been cleared and cleansed by the fires and earthquakes of the Lord’s punishment