Take Heart, You Seekers After God

   Psalms 69:32-36 Take heart, you seekers after God – the Lord listens to the poor and humble. Let sky and earth praise Him, for God will deliver Zion. Those who serve Him and love His name will inherit it.

Psalms 102:17-22 You, Lord are enthroned forever. You will arise and have mercy on Zion. The appointed time has come. All the Land is dear to your servants. The nations will revere You, when You build Zion again to show Your glory. The Lord surveys the earth from His sanctuary on high. He sets free His people, they praise Him, in Jerusalem.  [before the Return of the Lord Jesus]

Psalms 80:14-17 God of Hosts- turn to us, we pray, look down and see the vine You planted. May those who cut it down perish. Let Your hand rest on the One at Your right side, made strong for Your service.

Psalms 80:18-19 Lord restore us, that we may be saved. Give us new life, we will turn to You and call you by Your name.

Psalms 98:1-3 Sing a new song to the Lord, for His marvellous deeds. He has remembered his love for Jacob, His faithfulness for Israel. To the ends of the earth, make His victory known, to all the nations.

Revelation 18:4 A voice from heaven – Come out from her [Babylon] My people, lest you have any part in her sins and you share in her plagues.

Jeremiah 30:3 The time is coming when I shall restore the fortunes of My people, both Israel and Judah, they will take possession of the Land I gave to their ancestors.

Jeremiah 30:4-7 This is what the Lord says to Israel and Judah; A cry of terror, every face turns pale. How awful is that Day! [the Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath. Isaiah 63:4, Revelation 6:12-17]         

A time of trouble for Jacob [all the Lord’s faithful people; His Overcomers, the true Israel of God] yet he will come through it safely.

Psalms 11:4-6 The Lord is in heaven, raining fiery coals onto the wicked.

Psalms 60:4-5 Your people- given a sign to escape from the battle.

Isaiah 26:20 Go, My people, enter your rooms and shut the doors after you. Withdraw for a little while, until the Lord’s wrath has passed.

Jeremiah 30:10 Do not be afraid, do not despair, Israel, My servant – for I shall bring you back safely from afar, from where your posterity are captive in foreign lands.

 For I am with you, to save you. I shall judge and punish the nations, but you, Israel, I shall discipline only as you deserve.

Isaiah 44:21 Israel, remember you are My servant, I fashioned you – I will not forget you.

Isaiah 44:22 I have swept away your transgressions like a mist. Turn back to Me, for I have redeemed you.

Psalms 58:10-11 The righteous will rejoice at the sight of vengeance done. It will be said- there is, after all reward for the righteous, there is after all, a God who dispenses justice on earth.

Reference, Revised English Bible, some verses abridged.