Take Heart, My Children

Take heart, My children………Baruch 4:21-22   …….Cry out to the Lord and He will rescue you from tyranny and from the power of your enemies. I set my hope of deliverance on the Lord, the Holy One, your everlasting Saviour has filled me with joy, for the mercies soon to be given to me.

Baruch 4:23-24 With mourning and tears you went out from Zion, but the Lord will bring you back, with gladness and joy forever. As the neighbours of Zion have now seen your captivity, so they will soon witness your deliverance, which will come to you with the great glory and radiance of the Eternal One.  

Baruch 4:25-26 My children, endure in patience the wrath that the Lord has brought on you. Your enemies have pursued you, but you will soon see them destroyed, soon  put your foot on his neck. My special children, you have had hardship and trials, like a flock driven off by raiders.

Baruch 4:27-29 Take heart, My children! Cry out to the Lord, for He who afflicted you, will not forget you. Once you were resolved to go astray from your God; now with tenfold zeal you must turn back and seek Him. He who brought the disasters on you, will bring you everlasting joy when He delivers you.

Baruch 4:36-37 Jerusalem, look and see the joy that is coming to you from the Lord! They come: the sons from whom you were parted, from all parts of the earth, they come, assembling at the Word of the Holy One of Israel and rejoicing in the Glory of the Lord.

Baruch 5:6-9 They went away from Zion on foot, led off by their enemies: but God is bringing them home, borne aloft in glory, as on a royal throne. All the high mountains are to be made low as the Lord commands and every ravine is to be filled and levelled, so that Israel may walk securely. The forests and every fragrant tree will give Israel shade at His command. He will lead His people, Righteous Israel, with joy, by the light of His glory and in His mercy and righteousness.                                               Ref: Revised English Bible Apocrypha.

The House of Israel and the House of Judah were taken into captivity because of their sins. Scattered around the world, they still await their redemption. As a ‘firstfruit’ of this regathering, some people from Judah have gone back into part of the Land.

Now is the time for all Israelites, now every faithful Christian, to look for their redemption. Then He will have compassion on them and will lead them back into the Promised Land.  This second Exodus of the Israelite people, will take place soon after the Lord has dealt retribution to His enemies, on the Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath.

This gathering does not match how His ‘chosen ones’, those who keep faithful during the Tribulation, are brought to Jesus at His Return, so it is many years before that.