Strong to Save

Isaiah 50:1 These are to Words of the Lord: Is there anywhere a bill of divorce by which I put your mother away? I did not sell her, it was because of her wickedness and misconduct that she was put away.   Israel and Judah were conquered and exiled from the Land because of their sins. Only those who love the Lord and keep His Commandments, all faithful Christian believers, will return to the Land.

Isaiah 50:2-3 Why is it that when I call to you, no one answers?  Do you think that I lack the power to save? My arm is strong enough to deliver you. I have the power over the earth and the heavens.   The Lord will deliver and redeem those who call to Him. Joel 2:32, Acts 2:21 They will go to live in the holy Land. Isaiah 63:1

Isaiah 50:4-7 The Lord has given me the tongue of one who has been instructed – to console the weak with a timely word. He opened my ears to listen to His instruction. I did not disobey or defy his commission. I suffered punishment and insults, but He is my helper, therefore no harm can befall me. I cannot be put to shame, so I set my face firmly to the truth.   Those messengers who preach and point out the truths of the Lord’s Word, will be supported by Him.

Isaiah 50:8-9 The One who will clear my name is at my side. Who will dare argue against me? Let them come forward to dispute my cause. As the Lord is my helper, who can then declare me wrong? Those people will not thrive and will be refuted.

Isaiah 50:10-11 Whoever amongst you fears the Lord? Let them obey His servants commands. If you walk in dark places, then trust him and rely on your God. But all who stir up fires must walk by the firebrands that they set ablaze. This is your fate at My hands and you shall lie down in sorrow.

Isaiah 51:7-8 Listen to Me, My people, who know what is right, you that lay My instruction to heart: do not fear the taunts of enemies, don’t let them worry you. For they will become like a garment devoured by moths, but My saving power will last forever, My deliverance for all generations.

Psalm 27:11-14 Teach me Your way, Lord: do not give me up to my enemies. Lead me by the right path to escape those who hate me and falsely accuse me. I know that I will see the goodness of the Lord, in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord, be strong and brave and put your hope in Him.

Isaiah 40:26-31 Lift up your eyes to higher things, consider the Creator of all,  He leads His people out, one by one, each summoned by name, through His great power and strength, not one is missing. You Israelites, do not say: the Lord has forgotten us. Do you not know, have you not heard, the Lord, the Creator, does not weary and His understanding cannot be fathomed. He gives strength the exhausted, as even the fittest grow faint, but those who trust in Him will get new strength, they will soar as on eagles wings, march and not become weary.

 His people, faithful Christian people, will be summoned – called by name, and guided back to their rightful heritage in the holy Land. This will happen after all the Land is cleared and cleansed by the great Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath.

Ref: REB, NIV, KJV. Some verses abridged.