Solar Flares and CME’s

Solar flares – Coronal Mass Ejections

The sun – our life sustainer, emits a continuous stream of heat in the form of charged particles, otherwise known as the solar wind. The sun is actually a pulsating star and this creates a variable energy output. This variation in energy has not been so great as to cause serious problems on earth, although ice ages and heat waves have been felt in the past.

Because the sun, and all the solar system rotates around its centre of gravity every 11.1 years, this spin orbit coupling means that the solar plasma [liquid surface] circulates with it, producing an 11.1 year solar cycle. Due to planetary pull at alignments plus an acceleration and deceleration process, there is a time of increased solar flare activity, now, in 2013/14, numbered as Solar cycle 24. In the past this has been evidenced by aurora displays, and research indicates slightly warmer temperatures are due to solar flares. Because, in the lead up to Solar Cycle 24, there have been very few flares, we have experienced exceptionally cold winters over the past few years.

In September of 1859, the entire earth was engulfed in a cloud of super charged gas and a blood red aurora erupted from the poles to the tropics. Around the world, telegraph systems failed, switch gear burst into flames and operators were electrocuted. Compasses and other instruments reeled as if struck by a massive magnetic fist. Another, much smaller CME, struck Quebec in 1989, damaging their electricity grid.

All satellite operators are ready to shut down their services as soon as a CME is reported, as are communications, airlines, electricity suppliers, etc, in the hope of saving their equipment. [and staff!!!]

Sunspots, recorded up to 37,000 km in diameter, appear as dark spots on the surface of the sun. There is a strong magnetic field within each sunspot and they flare out in conjunction with another sunspot, so the ejection has North/ South polarity. In other words it is a mass with a magnetic field, the same as our planet. In conjunction with increased magnetic activity, more ultra violet energy is emitted, therefore the sun shines brighter and hotter.                                                 Reference; various sources

As we read in Isaiah 30:26-28 ...the Lord Himself comes from afar, His anger blazing and His doom heavy, His tongue a devouring fire. He sieves out the nations for destruction. The sun will shine with seven times its normal brightness, on the Day the Lord heals His people. Malachi 4:1

This description, along with many other prophecies, can only be explained literally by a CME. In no way does it fit the judgement on the armies of the Anti Christ that Jesus destroys by the sword of His Word, at the Return.

This enormous solar flare will be something ‘the like has never been known, nor will be in the ages to come’  Joel 2:2.

Jeremiah 51:52-57 A time is coming when I shall punish the idols and godless peoples of Babylon [a metaphor for all peoples who deny God]  Sounds of great destruction come from their land, the advancing wave booms and roars, like mighty waters. For the Lord, a God of retribution, will repay in full.  Jeremiah 25:30-33,

            Isaiah 5:24-30, Isaiah 24:19-20, 2 Peter 3:7