Signs and events before the coming of the Messiah

Not the Return of Jesus, but the much prophesied Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath, a terrifying judgement of fire, that He will use to punish His enemies. 2 Peter 2:7

1/ The completion of the decreed exile of the House of Israel. Ezekiel 4:4, & Leviticus 26:18

2/ The ‘fig tree budding’, [Judah the fig, Israel the vine] Within a lifetime- that is 70-80 years from May 1948.  Matthew 24:32-34, Ezekiel 12:25-28

3/ The Iranian leadership believes that they must hasten the appearance of the 12th Imam [the Mahadi]   They  will do this by attacking Israel.  

4/ An increase of worldwide natural disasters. Signs and portents, etc.

5/ Irrational actions and panic among the leaders of the nations.

6/  A fundamentalist Islamic government in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria and Saudi, etc,  that form an alliance, but it may not be generally known. Turkey will support them.

7/ An incapacitating injury to Israel’s leader and an incompetent replacement. Isaiah 3:1-7

8/ A man in the spirit and power of Elijah will become known, perhaps only to the Lord’s people.  Malachi 4:5

9/ A nuclear explosion in North Korea and their possession of ICBM’s.

10/ The correct knowledge of the end times will become known only to a few. Daniel 12:10

However, we are told by Isaiah 6:9-10… will never understand…..until the land is ruined and deserted.  That is; until AFTER this fire judgement, a CME.