Restoration of all Israel

The Restoration the Israel of God

Ezekiel 37:1-10 The prophesy of the valley of dry bones.

Ezekiel 37:11-14….these bones are the whole people of Israel, they say; our bones are dry, our hope is gone…. The Lord says; My people, I shall bring you up from your graves and restore you to the Land of Israel. You will know that I am Y’hovah when I do this. I will put My spirit in you and settle you on your own soil.

The Israelites were punished by God for their sins by dispersion into other lands. That is why they cry ‘our hope is gone, we are cut off’, they have lost their Israelite identity, and become spiritually dead. Note that the bones, which metaphorically represent all 12 tribes of Israel, are displayed in an open field, showing that their exile is not an actual captivity. Ezekiel’s task is to bring the good news to them, to revive their hope and faith, that they are still God’s people, He hasn’t broken His covenant with them, He still loves them and the time has come when He will restore them into the Promised Land.

This gathering of all God’s people, now every faithful Christian, be they actual descendants of Jacob or grafted in, must happen before the Millennial time and the war of Gog and Magog in order for the Temple to be rebuilt and the 144,000 to be selected. The spiritual death of the children of Israel will not last much longer. Through the prophet Elijah [Malachi 4:5], God will awaken them to their divine destiny. The long exile will be over; they will establish their own politically independent State in all of the Holy Land. The new nation of Beulah; Isaiah 62:1-5 The first stage of this redemption has been done in part of the Land, by the Jewish people, but they too, have not yet received a renewal of God’s Spirit.  The ‘dry bones’ prophecy of Ezekiel does not mean physical resurrection of the dead, but is a symbolic vision, similar to other Biblical allegories. It means the end of exile and the beginning of restoration. Eze. 11:19, Eze 36:24-28 & 38

Ezekiel 37:15-28… I am taking the leaf of Israel and joining it to the leaf of Judah; they will be as one in My hand. I shall assemble them from every quarter and restore them to their own soil….

The prophecy of the ‘dry bones’ continues on to the “two leaf” prophecy. This is the time when the House of Judah rejoins with the House of Israel, separated since King Rehoboam’s time. It is only when the both Houses reject their apostasy and sins, that they will be ready to become one nation again, a nation of priests and a light to the world. Still, this is not the final redemption, but a preliminary one, to enable their regathering and settlement into the Land of Greater Israel. Final redemption of the whole House of Israel will follow the destruction of the armies of Gog, who is motivated to attack because Beulah will be so wealthy and prosperous.

Ezekiel 38 & 39 The attack on New Israel by the armies of Gog and their destruction.

38:8…you will invade a land restored from ruin….the Israelites, brought out from the nations, living in peace and prosperity. [after the Psalms 83 event and before the Return of Jesus]

Ezekiel 39:21-29….from that Day forward the Israelites will know that I am the Lord their God…… I have dealt out to them what their sins deserved… now I shall restore all of them, leaving none behind and make them exemplify My Holiness for many nations to see. No longer will I hide My face from them, I who have poured out My spirit on Israel. This is the Word of the Lord.        Reference: REB. Some verses abridged.