Remember the Day You have Appointed

Ecclesiasticus 36:1-17 Look on us with pity, Lord God of all and strike fear into every nation. Lift Your hand against the heathen and let them see Your power. Let them learn the truth, that there is no god but You, the Creator of all things.

        Renew Your signs, repeat Your miracles and win glory for Your mighty Right Hand. Rouse Your anger, pour out Your wrath to destroy the godless and wipe out the enemy. Remember the Day You have appointed and hasten it on to give us cause to recount Your great deeds and wonders.

        Let Your burning wrath devour the oppressors of Your people, let all those who say: ‘No one counts but us’, meet their doom.

        Have pity, Lord on your people, called by Your Name, righteous Israel, Your firstborn. Show mercy to the city of Your sanctuary, to the city of Jerusalem, Your dwelling place. Gather now all the tribes of Jacob and grant them their inheritance, as You promised to the Patriarchs. Fill Zion with the praise of Your triumph and the Temple with Your glory. Acknowledge those You prepared from the beginning and fulfil the prophecies spoken in Your name. Prove Your prophets worthy of credence, so that what they said in ancient times will come to pass. Reward those who look to You in trust, listen to the prayers of Your servants, those who claim Aaron’s blessing on Your people. Leviticus 9:22

        Let all who live on earth acknowledge that You are the Lord, the eternal God.

        Reference: Revised English Bible Apocrypha. Abridged.

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Psalms 140:9-11 When those who surround me, make plans for my demise; may their conspiracies engulf them. Let burning coals rain down upon them, let them be plunged into the miry depths, never to rise again. The liar and perjurer will find no home in Your Land and disaster will pursue the attackers to their destruction.                                    eused0