Recoil upon their own heads

Psalms 7:1-5 Lord my God, in You I find refuge, protect me from my pursuers, those who want to kill me. I have not stained my hands with guilt or committed any evil deed, if I had – let my enemy come and trample my honour into the dust.

Psalms 7:6-11 Arise, Lord, in Your anger, rouse Yourself in wrath against those who oppose Your servants. You who ordained that justice must be done, awake now!    Let the peoples come, You that sit on high and pass sentence on the nations.     Uphold the cause of Your righteous servants, Your innocent people. You, who search the hearts and minds of everyone, support the righteous and contain the wicked. Rely on the Lord to shield us, He saves the honest, in His righteous anger He will judge justly.

Psalms 7:12-16 The enemy prepares his weapons and makes ready to attack. It is against himself that his deadly shafts tipped with fire, will recoil upon. The godless are in partnership with the devil, plotting mischief and conceiving lies. They work hard at their plans to cause the downfall of God’s people, but what they have prepared will fall upon their own heads.  Obadiah 15, Hab. 3:14, Isaiah 8:9-10

David, the psalmist/prophet, states his innocence. He asks that the Lord, in His righteousness will ‘pass sentence on the godless nations’ and give him refuge and protection. Psalms 24:3-5

Verses 12-16 seem to be entirely end time prophecy, as what is described here did not happen to David.  Now, in these times, we have real ‘deadly shafts tipped with fire’: nuke tipped missiles.  The enemies are fanatical false religionists and political extremists, who plot nothing less than the domination of the world. Any means of achieving that goal is permissible to them and now population pressure coupled with natural disasters, creating land and resource shortages, is making some kind of extreme action inevitable.

They are ‘in partnership with the devil’, he will motivate them to attack Israel.

‘’They will fall into the pit of their own making“ the Lord will act at the moment of attack by the means of a coronal mass ejection, that will strike initially with a high powered electromagnetic pulse, [this will cause the effect described as ‘the sky rolled up like a scroll’] making weapons even hidden underground to explode. In fact, some of the prophecies about the Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath, specifically say that the military power of the nations will be destroyed. Psalms 46:9, Psalms 76:3, Jeremiah 49:35, Jeremiah 50:23 & 30, Amos 5:9, Joel 3:4

Psalms 58:11 It will be said: There is after all reward for the righteous and there is after all a God who dispenses justice on earth.

Psalms 7:17 I shall praise the Lord for His righteousness and sing praises to His Name.

Reference: Revised English Bible. Some verses condensed.