Rebuilding the Temple

The prophetic Scriptures clearly predict that the Third Temple will be built and the sacrifices reinstated, in the final years leading up to the Return of the Messiah. It is clear, too, that there will be more than just the Jewish people living in the Land of Greater Israel. All the Israelites from all 12 tribes of Israel, plus those grafted in, will migrate to New Israel soon after the Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath, the terrible Day of fire and storms, that will clear and cleanse most of the Middle East.

The place of the new Temple, will be to the North of the existing Dome of the Rock, because this is in the direct line of the now sealed Eastern gate. The Bible, the Torah, and Josephus, all agree that the Temple was in that location. The Temple Institute, in Jerusalem, has made most of the utensils for the Temple worship, including the robes and breastplate for the High Priest. The instruments such as the silver trumpets are ready and musicians are trained for their use.

The Jewish sage, Moses Maimonides, known as Rambam, declared that the Temple will be rebuilt and the exiles from around the world gathered back into the Promised Land.

The Messiah will appear and re-establish the glory of King David.

In the Talmud Yerushalmi, Rabbi Acha says; The Beit Hamikdash [Holy Temple] will be built first, before the advent of the Kingdom of David.

The Pnei Moshe states; The Land will be settled first, then the people will become prosperous, after that they will build the Temple and finally, the Messiah will come.

In the Mar’eh Punim  the Gaon Moshe Margolis wrote that when Jacob predicted the future of Judah, he foretold that the Temple would be rebuilt first, then the Messiah would come.

The whole scenario of the end times, has a logical sequence to it. Now in the latter days,, we can see how things are happening that will see a confederation of Islamic states and entities that will be motivated to get rid of the ‘ cancer ‘ in their midst, that is the State of Israel. The moment of their attack, is the moment that God will intervene. This great Day of the Lord, will take the form of a natural event: a Coronal Mass Ejection, a massive sunstrike of cosmic particles, causing intense heat and electrical storms. The attacking armies will be destroyed by their own weaponry, as they all explode before firing. This literally fulfils the prayer in Psalms 83:13-18

Many prophesies speak of the regeneration of the Land of Greater Israel, “in a very short while”, Isaiah 29:17, after this great clearance and cleansing of the entire area. Christian Israelites- “those who love the Lord and follow in His ways”  will then gather “on the mountains of Samaria”.  This is described in Ezekiel 20:34-38, Psalms 107

Over 40 prophesies describe how God’s holy people will live in peace and security in their own Land. At last, they will be as God originally intended, “a light to the nations”, they will “exemplify My Holiness for all to see”.  Ezekiel 39:27-29  [The attack by Gog/ Magog will come during this period]

They will build the Third Temple, and “the splendour of this latter House will surpass that of the former”. Haggai 2:9  Zechariah 8:9-13 has wonderful promises of restoration and redemption; Courage! Do not lose heart!