Rapture to heaven believers say….

Rapture to heaven’ believers say that people who dispute their theory; just cannot see or understand that belief.

It’s what we don’t see in the Bible, where the difference lies. Nowhere does scripture say God intends to take His people to heaven. In fact Jesus Himself says such a thing is impossible. John 3:13, John 7:34, Revelation 2:25-26, +

People who read the whole Bible can establish the truth for themselves, that God’s purpose is to have a people who will be His faithful believers, doing His will on earth. THAT is our purpose and our destiny!

But a lot of people don’t bother to find out this truth, they listen to teachers and read fictional books that say we can just be good people, churchgoers and tithers, and God will remove them to heaven. They are told this fantastic event will happen before any Judgement or testing of their faith. They are told it is the Jewish people who must face tribulation, not them.

This scenario is not found anywhere in the Bible. It is made up from assumptions and making scriptures mean something they do not.  So the ‘rapture to heaven’ believers will never convince anyone who seriously reads their Bible. 

The lazy people who accept doctrines from anywhere except the Bible, are deceived and because they choose to believe lies, the Lord has locked them into their delusions. Isaiah 29:9-12, and stopped their ears to the truth; 2 Timothy 4:3-4