Rapture refuted

People seems to be fairly evenly divided between those who believe in a rapture removal to heaven, before any dramatic world disasters and those who do not believe in a rapture.

I do not believe that God has planned to take His people to heaven at any time and I have written many posts and articles proving it, mostly by showing what God actually does plan for His peoples future. How He will protect them and bless them.

As a onetime rapture believer myself, I can sympathize  with people who have been taught that theory; often as the only end times event for us Christians to expect.  Any change in their beliefs means alienation from their church and most often from friends and family as well. A very hard call to make!

Also it means having to admit they have been deceived and need to repent, especially if they have taught a rapture to others. What is evident to me, is that no amount of scriptural proof against a rapture can change the minds of those locked into the rapture belief.

The fact that it isn’t actually prophesied anywhere in the Bible, the fact that many prophesies do make clear what God does plan for His people, makes no difference.

God tells us why this is: Isaiah 29:9-12, Isaiah 42:18-20, 1 Corinthians 3:18-20 Only by the power of the Holy Spirit, can people be released from their beliefs in false teachings.

Paul does say that we Christians should not be in the dark about God’s plans for us, however it seems that only a few will understand the truth: Daniel 12:10b

So, if the rapture is for real, then Daniels prophecy is wrong?????