Raise a Standard, assemble in Israel

Raise a standard– call to assemble in Israel

Isaiah 13:1-8 Babylon- an oracle. A Prophecy against foreign nations:

           Raise a flag, sound the call to battle. I have commanded My holy ones to carry out My judgement, all My troops, eager for the victory. Listen to the noise of their gathering, they come, prepared with the weapons of the Lord’s wrath. Wail, for the Day of the Lord is near, devastation from the Almighty. Because of this, all courage will melt away and terror and fear will grip everyone. Joel 2:1-11, Isaiah 24:1

Isaiah 13:9-16 The Day of the Lord is coming, that cruel Day of wrath and fierce anger, to reduce the earth to desolation and to destroy all the wicked there. The sun, moon and stars will be darkened when God punishes the world for its sins. The heavens will tremble and the earth will be shaken to its foundations.

            Humans will be scarcer that gold, at the wrath of God and the Lamb, on that Day of their blazing anger. Like sheep with no shepherd, people will rush back to their native lands, those who are caught will be killed. Isaiah 66:15-16          

Isaiah 13:17-22 [Fulfilled prophecy – Ancient Babylon was destroyed by the Medes, it has never been rebuilt as an inhabited city.  Isaiah chapter 47]

Isaiah 29:20-23 The arrogant and ruthless will be no more, therefore the Lord says:  This is no time for Jacob [Israel] to be shamed, for his descendants will regard Israel’s God with awe and will praise Him for their deliverance. Habakkuk 3:12-14

Isaiah 11:11-16 On that Day, the Lord will exert His power a second time, to recover the remnant of His people from all parts of the world, He will hoist a standard for the nations. The scattered people of Judah and Ephraim will assemble and the ancient hostility between them, will cease. They will take over the area that was promised to Abraham. The Lord will make a road for them to travel into the Land, as He did for the ancient Israelites. Isaiah 49:8-13, Revelation 18:4

            The Lord’s people, righteous Christian Israelites, are gathered and settled into the Land

Isaiah 12:1-6 On the Day of our deliverance, we will say:  We praise You, Lord. You were angry with us, now Your anger has abated and you comfort us. God is our deliverer, our refuge and defense. On that day, we will say with joy: Give thanks to God, make known what He has done among the peoples. Cry out, you dwellers in Zion, for the Holy one of Israel is among you in His majesty.  Not His physical return, as yet.   Psalm 100:1-5

 The glory of God will reside in the 3rd Temple, His people will rejoice and praise Him. Eze. 43:4

                                                                           Reference REB,NIV. Some verses abridged.

Isaiah 13:1-16 is about the forthcoming Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath. This is the next prophesied event, which will clear the entire Middle East area, enabling Greater Israel to be resettled by the Lord’s righteous people.  Verse 10 says how it will be dark on that Day – this will be caused by the smoke and ash clouds resulting from a massive coronal mass ejection from the sun. Isaiah 30:26-28, Jeremiah 30:23-24, Malachi 4:1, Isaiah 66:15-16, Ezekiel 20:46-48, Revelation 6:12-17.

THEN, His righteous people, have the wonderful promises of redemption and restoration. They will live in peace and security in all that area promised to Abraham. That all this will take place before Jesus returns, is evident by the way His people gather- not by the angels, as in Matthew 24:31 – but by travelling along ‘a highway’, by every conveyance.    Isaiah 66:20. Also how the Lord  gives them a sign and motivates them to migrate to New Israel. Beulah: Isaiah 62:1-5