Psalms 11, 12 & 13

How long, O Lord, will You leave us forgotten, how long will You hide Your face from us?

Save us Lord, for now people are disloyal and unfaithful to their Maker, they tell lies and in their hearts is duplicity and evil. May the Lord make an end to such sinfulness and boasting of how, by their own strength, they will prevail.

The ungodly peoples show off their own achievements and things of little worth win high acclamation.  What can a good person do against the insidious assault of all that is true and righteous? Now, the enemies of Your people are preparing their weapons for a surprise attack. In You, Lord, I take refuge; for no one can escape Your wrath by fleeing to the mountains.

Have regard now for Your people, those who revere Your Name and keep Your Commandments. Do not let our enemies say: We have overthrown the people of the Book, do not let them rejoice at our downfall.  Now I will arise, says the Lord, for I see the poor abused and the needy call for help. I shall place them into the safety which they long for.

The Lord is in His holy place, on His throne in heaven. He searches mankind, weighing the just and the unjust. He hates those who love violence and He will rain fiery coals amid a blast of great heat, that will reduce them to ashes.

The Words of the Lord are pure, refined as fine silver or gold. Lord, we look to You for protection, your strong hand will guard us from the attacks of the enemy. As for me, I will trust in Your unfailing love, my heart will rejoice when I am brought to safety. I shall praise and worship my God, for He has granted all that I desire.

Reference REB. Abridged and paraphrased.