Prophetic Future

It was not the intention of God, to give His prophets a clear, instantly understandable message. To have done that would have revealed His plans to all and sundry.

We can never fully ascertain God’s ultimate design for His creation, although it is clear that he does want those who believe in Him and trust to His salvation, to be aware of coming events. We are told to trust Him and hold fast to our faith, but to do that in the midst of sudden and shocking events, without some idea of the outcome of such events, and then it is so much more difficult for us.

Therefore, because God HAS given us the information we need to know about the future, then it is a serious error to ignore it, to fail to gain some understanding or to think that a rapture removal to heaven will take us away from it all.

It must be obvious, to anyone who reads the news, that the current world situation is nearing unsustainability, in terms of resources and population. But the flash point and the focus of God’s plan, is the Middle East. God has not, in the past 70+ years, allowed Israel to be conquered and He will not allow that to happen now. Although there will be the Lord’s judgement upon the Jewish people, a remnant will eventually be forgiven and restored. Ezekiel 16:59-63.

Many prophecies tell of God’s fire judgement, this has not happened as yet, His first judgement was by a flood. This coming Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath, is described as a terrible day of fire and earthquakes. It will be a Day when the heavens blaze; 2 Peter 3:7 & 10, burning like a furnace; Malachi 4:1, raining fiery coals; Psalms 11:4-6, fire like a whirlwind, many will be killed; Isaiah 66:15-17, suddenly, in an instant….flames of devouring fire; Isaiah 29:5-6.

But the verse that tells us exactly what God will use on that Day is Isaiah 30:26a The moon will shine as bright as the sun and the sun will shine with 7 times its normal power.

This accurately describes a solar flare, something that does happen on a regular basis, usually harmlessly. In the past there have been larger Coronal Mass Ejections, explosions of the suns surface, but scientists warn of the possibility/probability of a massive CME, that in our modern age of communications, transport and conveniences, would have a devastating effect.

Now, note the second half of Isaiah 30:26b… on that Day, the Lord will bind up the broken limbs of His people and heal their wounds.

This is a wonderful promise to His people, those who love the Lord and follow in His laws, righteous Israel. Many, many prophecies tell how His people will be conveyed and gathered into the Land of Greater Israel after this Day of judgement. This day and the gathering are quite different from that described at the Return of Jesus – years later.

Isaiah 52:6-12 On that Day, My people will know My Name…..go out leave Babylon, keep yourselves pure, the Lord will guard and guide you.

Ezekiel 28:25-26 When I execute judgement on all of Israel’s scornful neighbours, then My people: all the true believers, gathered from the nations, will live in peace in the Land, I shall show My holiness in them for everyone to see. [Before Jesus Returns]

Ezekiel 20:41-42 I shall accept you….after I have brought you out from the peoples where you have been dispersed, into the Land promised to your forefathers.   Ezekiel 34:11-16

Ref: REB. (verses abridged)