Proclaim a Day of Victory

Isaiah 63:1 Who is this; coming from Edom, from Bozrah with His garments stained red, moving in His mighty power? It is I; proclaiming victory, I who am strong to save.

Edom refers to all the ungodly peoples, all those opposed to the purposes of God.

Bozrah means ‘sheepfold’, and is used here as a metaphor for those nations where His sheep – the lost tribes of Israel and all the Christian peoples are at present. Matthew 15:24 The Lord, in His mighty power, proclaims victory and saves His people. This is His great Day of vengeance and wrath. Isaiah 34:1-8, Isaiah 66:15-17, Zephaniah 3:8, Revelation 6:12-17

Isaiah 63:2-6 Why are Your clothes splattered with blood? I resolved on a Day of vengeance, I trod the nations in My anger and My clothes were splashed by their blood. No one came to My assistance, by My own might, I brought victory. I shattered My enemies in My fury, their blood spilled on the ground.   

Luke 20:43 & Acts 2:35 The Lord said to my Lord: sit at My right hand until I make your enemies your footstool.  Psalm 110:1

Hebrews 10:12-13 Christ, having offered for all time a single sacrifice for sins, took His seat at God’s right hand and now waits until His enemies are made His footstool.

From these verses, it is made quite clear that Jesus does not Return in His glory until His enemies are ‘made His footstool’. That is they are punished and defeated. But it is ‘the Son of man’– that is: Jesus Himself who actually instigates this Day of vengeance.  This accords with; Luke 3:16-17…the chaff He will burn on a unquenchable fire.

Psalm 18:7-15…He makes darkness His covering, hail and glowing coals go before Him.  

But on that Day, He will be revealed to His people, those who believe and trust in His salvation.

Zechariah 9:14-16 The Lord will appear over them, His weapon will flash like lightning – He will save His people.  Ezekiel 20:9-11 & 36

Isaiah 60:1-3 Over you the glory of the Lord has dawned, though darkness covers the earth, on you the Lord shines and over you His Glory will appear.

2 Thessalonians 1:6-10….the Day the Lord Jesus is revealed from heaven in blazing fire, punishing the godless peoples, He will reveal His glory among all believers.

 Luke 17:29-30 On the day Sodom was destroyed, fire and sulphur rained upon them and killed them all. It will be like that on the Day the Son of Man is revealed.  Isaiah 24:23b

In Luke 4:18-19, At the commencement of His ministry, Jesus quoted only verse 1 and the first half of verse 2 of Isaiah 61:1-2. The second half is unfulfilled prophecy –  ‘A Day of vengeance of our God and to comfort those who mourn’. Many other prophecies confirm that this Day of vengeance and wrath is the next action of the Lord on the earth and as the rest of Isaiah 61:3-11 state, it is also the time He will ‘ comfort those who mourn’. That is: people who grieve for Christ’s death and trust in Him for their salvation.  Note that the Lord has blood stained clothes, then much later at His Return in glory, Revelation 19:13 He is ‘robed in garments dyed in blood’. This proves that the Day of vengeance is before His Return.

Isaiah 30:26 The sun will shine with 7 times its normal strength on the Day I save My people.

Habakkuk 3:12-13 Furiously You traverse the earth, in anger You trample down the nations. You go forth to save Your people, Your anointed ones. You shatter the house of the godless to its foundations.

Zechariah 10:5-6 Destruction of enemies, then restoration for the true believers of God.

2 Peter 3:12 & 14 Look forward to the coming Day of the Lord and work to hasten it on, for that Day will set the heavens ablaze and melt the works of the earth with fervent heat. In expectation of all this, my friends, do your utmost to be found at peace with Him, unblemished and above reproach.    Ref. REB. some verses abridged.

Then: more than 40 prophecies categorically state how His faithful Christian people will gather and settle in the new country of Beulah.