Prayer for Deliverance

Prayer for Deliverance

2 Chronicles 7:14 If My people, whom I have named My own, submit and pray to Me, seek Me and turn back from their evil ways, then I shall hear from heaven, forgive their sins and restore their Land.

The Lord’s people: those who believe in Him and keep His Commandments. Eph. 2:11-18

Psalms 44:1-3 Lord: we have heard for ourselves, we read how our forefathers were planted in the holy Land and of the great deeds You did in their time. How You helped them drive out the heathen nations and settle them into their inheritance. It wasn’t just our ancestor’s military prowess that won them the Land, but by Your Right hand, Your strong arm and the light of Your Presence: such was Your favour to them.

Psalms 44:9-23 Yet, You have rejected and humbled us and no longer support us in our battles. You have made us give ground and our enemies have plundered us at will. We are like sheep given up to the slaughterer. You sold Your people for nothing and scattered us among the world, now we bear our disgrace and the enemy takes his revenge.

        Though all this has befallen us, we do not forget our Lord and Maker and we have not been false to the Covenant, our hearts have not been unfaithful. Had we forgotten the Name of our God and prayed to alien gods, You would have known; for You know the secrets of everyone.

It is faithful Christians, Jew and Gentile, who are scattered around the world and who do not forget their Maker.

Psalms 44:4-8 Lord, You are our King, command victory for Jacob. By Your help, we will throw back our enemies, in Your Name our attackers will be trampled down. Our trust is not in strength, nor will victory be won by our weapons, for You are our Deliverer. You put confusion into our foes; their evil plans will recoil upon them.

The Lord will destroy His enemies on His terrible Day of wrath. We must trust in His protection on that Day.

Psalms 44:23-26 Rouse Yourself Lord, why do You sleep? Awake, do not reject us forever. Why do You hide Your face, ignoring our misery and suffering, for we are bereft and brought low. Arise now and save Your people, for Your loves sake deliver us.

        In God we have gloried all day long and we shall praise Your Name forever!