Poetry or Prophecy?

Poetry or Prophesy?

Psalms 46:1-9 The Lord is our refuge and stronghold, He will help us in trouble, so we are not afraid when the earth is shaking and the mountains move; when the waves of the sea roar and the earth is quaking before the Lords majesty.

There is a river whose flow brings joy to the city of God, the holy Place of the Most High. The Lord is within her, she will not be overthrown and at the break of Day, He will come to her aid.  

            Nations are in an uproar, kingdoms fall when the Lord thunders; the earth burns.

Come and see what the Lord has done, the desolation He has brought on the earth. He makes wars to cease throughout the world, He breaks the bow, snaps the spear and burns the chariots in the fire.

Psalms 46:10 Be still and know that I am God, I will be exalted among the nations and revered throughout the world.

When I attended Methodist Sunday School, one of the Bible passages that I learned was Psalms 46. Its poetic stanzas rolled off the tongue, but we weren’t told of anything other than to interpret it allegorically – as an example of God’s power and saving grace. Now, as I read and study all the prophetic scriptures, its end time message is quite apparent.

It is the story of how the Lord will judge and punish the nations and ‘the desolation He will bring to the earth’, to a similar extent as He did in the days of Noah. 2 Peter 2:1-7

Then, all weapons of war and military forces will be neutralized or destroyed and the Lord promises ‘to be a refuge’ to His people, when at the ‘break of day, the sea roars, the earth quakes and melts’. It is His great Day of vengeance and wrath, a massive CME explosion of the suns surface, that will bring about all the effects described. We are warned to be prepared for that terrible Day, but our only true protection is our faith and trust in the Lord.

Psalms 50:3-5 The Lord is coming and will not remain silent. A consuming fire runs ahead of Him and all around a great storm rages. He calls to the heavens above and the earth below, that He may judge His people.

        Gather to Me, My loyal servants, those who have made a Covenant with Me by sacrifice.                                    Ref: REB, NIV.  Some verses abridged.

This is not and cannot be the Return of Jesus in His glory, it is the Lord’s judgement and punishment of the nations, in all the world. It will be triggered by an attack on the State of Israel by an Islamic confederation. Psalms 83:1-18

The Lord’s people will be judged, too, but those who are His ‘loyal servants’, will be protected.