Plant Your People in the Land

2 Maccabees 2:4-8 It is recorded that, in obedience to a divine command, Jeremiah the prophet gave orders for the Tent of Meeting and the Ark of the Covenant to be brought with him to the mountain, from the top of which Moses looked over the Promised Land.   [Mt Nebo – in present day Jordan]  Arriving at the mountain, Jeremiah found a cave dwelling into which he carried the Tent, the Ark and the Altar of incense; he then blocked up the entrance. Some of his companions went to mark out the way, but were unable to find it. Jeremiah learnt of this and took them to task. This place is to remain unknown, he said: until God finally gathers His people together and shows them His favour.  The Lord will then bring these things to light once more and His glory will appear together with the cloud – as it was revealed in the time of Moses and also when Solomon prayed that the Temple be consecrated.

2 Maccabees 1:27-29  Bring together those of our people who are dispersed, set free those who are enslaved among the heathen, look favourably on those who are despised and detested; so that the heathen will know that You are our God.

Punish with torments our arrogant and insolent oppressors and as promised by Moses and plant Your people in Your Holy Land.

1 Maccabees 2:49-64  The speech of Mattathias:           Arrogance now stands secure and gives judgement against us, these are days of calamity and raging fury. Now, my people, be zealous for the Law and, if necessary, give your lives for the covenant God made with your forefathers. If you keep in mind the deeds that they did in their generations, then great glory and everlasting fame will be yours. Abraham proved faithful under trial, and won credit as a righteous man. Joseph kept God’s commandments and he became the overlord of Egypt. Joshua kept the Law; he became a judge in Israel. Caleb bore witness before the people and his reward was a share in the Land. David was a man of loyalty and he was granted the throne of an everlasting kingdom. Daniel was a man of integrity; he was rescued from the lion’s jaws.

     So, bear in mind how, in the history of the generations, no one who trusts in God ever lack strength. Do not fear a wicked man’s strength- his success will turn to filth and worms. Today, he may be high in honour, but tomorrow, not a trace of him will be found – he will have returned to the dust and his schemes will have come to nothing.

But you, my people, draw your courage and strength from the Law, for through it, glory will be yours.                         Reference: Revised English Bible – Apocrypha

When God’s people, every faithful Christian, are gathered into the Promised Land- that is after it has been cleared and cleansed by the Lord’s Day of vengeance at the Sixth Seal judgement,  then they will rebuild the Temple.  Zechariah 6:15  How amazing it will be to place the Ark in it and see the glory of God there. The 144,000 missionaries selected from all the faithful Christians, Revelation 7:1-14, will be dedicated there and sent out to proclaim the Good news of the coming Kingdom of God to the nations.

After all that must happen, the Lord Jesus will Return and commence His Millennium reign.