Planet Red Herring; Refuting Planet X

Definition of a ‘red herring’; Something that diverts attention from what will actually happen. A false but plausible scenario, given perhaps to induce hope, while concealing the reality.

Planet X, Nibiru, etc, are thought by some to be the means God will use to ‘reset civilization’. Jesus said: ‘As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be when the Son of Man comes’. We are now in those days and the Lord will instigate His judgement/punishment upon the world very soon.

This forthcoming worldwide disaster is prophesied throughout the Bible, as fire sent by the Lord. He will use a seemingly natural event, a solar flare of unprecedented magnitude, that will literally fulfil all the graphic prophesies about that Day, but will allow people to continue in their disbelief of God. Only the Middle East region will be devastated and depopulated.

It will not be a space object fly past because:

        1/ We would observe an approaching large object well before it arrives, but we are told that the ‘Day of the Lord comes as a thief’, that is unexpectedly.

       2/ Its main effect would be flooding as the gravitational pull makes the oceans rise and fall in huge tides. God has specifically promised to never again flood the earth, so this will not happen. Genesis 9:11  

       3/ Such an event would not have all the effects as described in prophecy.

What we are told in more than 100 prophecies, is the Lord will send fire from His storehouse, the sun, Deuteronomy 32:22, that will ‘in one day burn up His enemies’. Isaiah 10:17

Here is a few of them:

Moses prophesied: Deut. 32:22 & 41 Fire is set ablaze by the Lords anger, it burns to the depths of the hills and devours the earth and its harvest.

Hannah prophesied: 1 Samuel 2:10 Those who oppose the Lord will be terrified when from the heavens He thunders against them and judges all the world.

David prophesied: 2 Samuel 22:8-16 The heavens parted and the earth shook at the Lord’s rebuke of searing heat and devouring fire. Psalm 11:6 The Lord will rain fiery coals and scorching winds upon the heads of the wicked. Psalm 37:20 The godless will perish, like fuel in a furnace they will go up in smoke.

Solomon prophesied: Proverbs 10:25 When the tempest and whirlwind have passed, the wicked are no more.

Asaph prophesied: Psalm 50:3 God is coming, consuming fire goes ahead of Him and around Him a great storm rages. Psalm 83:13-15 The Lord will scatter His enemies like chaff and as a raging fire across the hills.

Ezra prophesied: 2 Esdras 16:14-15 Calamities are let loose and will not turn back before they strike the earth. The fire is alight and will not be put out before it consumes and devastates the earth.

Elihu prophesied: Job 36:32-33 The Lord charges thunderbolts with flames and launches them straight at His target. In His anger, he calls up the storm tempest and thunder heralds his coming.

Isaiah prophesied:  Isaiah 9:18-19 Wicked men are set ablaze like a bush fire, they are fuel for the fire and the land is scorched by the fury of the Lord. Isaiah 29:6 Suddenly, in an instant punishment will come from the Lord with thunder, earthquakes, storm tempests and flames of devouring fire. Isaiah 30:26-28 The moon will burn brightly red and the sun will strike the earth with seven times its normal power [A solar flare, a Coronal Mass Ejection] on the day the Lord saves His people. He sieves out the nations for destruction, in His anger blazing with devouring fire.

Jeremiah prophesied: Jeremiah 5:14 Because Israel defies Me, I shall burn up this people like brushwood. Jeremiah 7:20 My anger and fury will pour out on this place, everything will burn unquenched. Jeremiah 21:14 I shall set fire to your land, it will devour everything around about.

Ezekiel prophesied: Ezekiel 20:47-48 The Lord says: I am about to kindle a fire in the Land, it will consume everything flammable. All will know that I have done this. Ezekiel 30:3-5 & 16 I shall set Egypt on fire. On the Day of Reckoning for the nations, Egypt and all the Arab lands will fall by the sword of judgement.

Hosea prophesied: Hosea 8:14 Israel has forgotten her Maker, they are rich and complacent, so I will burn her cities and fire will destroy her strongholds.

Joel prophesied: Joel 1:15 The Day is near, a terrible destruction from the Almighty, the Land lies burnt and dry, for fire has consumed the trees and pastures. Joel 2:3 A devouring fire and leaping flames passes by, leaving behind a desolate wasteland, nothing survives its passing.

Amos prophesied: Amos 1:1-15 & 2:1-5 I shall send fire to consume Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Arabia and Israel.

Obadiah prophesied: Obadiah 1:18 The descendants of Esau will be set alight and burned up with no survivors.

Micah prophesied: Micah 5:10-11 On that Day, I will destroy your armed forces and burn your cities.

Habakkuk prophesied: Habakkuk 3:12 Furiously You traversed the earth, in anger You trample the nations.

Zephaniah prophesied: Zephaniah 1:18 The whole Land will be consumed by the fire from the Lord. He will make a sudden and terrible end to all who live in the holy Land. Zephaniah 3:8 I will pour My wrath onto nations and kingdoms. My burning anger will affect the whole earth.

Haggai prophesied: Haggai 2:21-22 I shall shake the heavens and the earth, I will break the power of the heathen, destroying their armed forces.

Zechariah prophesied: Zechariah 9:14 The Lord will appear over His people like a flashing arrow, with thunder and storm winds.

Malachi prophesied: Malachi 4:1 The Day comes, burning like a furnace, all arrogant and evildoers will be as stubble. That Day will set them ablaze none will survive.

John prophesied: Matthew 3:10-12 The axe is ready to cut down any tree that does not bear good fruit and it will be thrown onto the fire. I baptize with water, but Jesus will baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire. His winnowing fork is in His hand and he will gather His people, but the ungodly He will burn in the fire.

Jesus prophesied: Matthew 13:30 Tell the reapers to gather the weeds first for burning, then collect the good crop into My storehouse. Matthew 24:27 Like a lightning flash that lights the sky from East to West, so will the coming of the Son of Man be.

Paul prophesied: Romans 1:18 Divine retribution can be seen at work, falling from heaven onto all the ungodly people who deny the truth. 1 Corinthians 3:13 On the Day of judgement, that Day will dawn in fire and fire will test each person’s worth. 2 Thessalonians 1:7-10 The Lord Jesus metes out His punishment of blazing fire onto all those who refuse to acknowledge God or the Gospel of Jesus. On that great Day He will reveal His glory to all believers.  NOT to all the world yet.

Peter prophesied: 2 Peter 3:7 & 10 By God’s Word the present heavens and earth are reserved for burning, kept until the Day of judgement when the godless will be destroyed. Suddenly and unexpectedly the Lord will make the heavens disappear with a great sound and flames will envelope the earth, all in it will be brought to judgement.

The Revelation of Jesus: Revelation 14:18 From the altar came the angel with authority over fire, he said: reap the earth for the harvest is ripe. Revelation 6:17 For the great Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath has come and who can stand?

                  Reference: Revised English Bible. Some verses abridged and paraphrased.

So what the Lord will instigate is a CME, a massive explosion of the suns surface, that will literally fulfil all the prophesies about His Day of wrath.