Peaceful in the Plains

Isaiah 32:1-8 A ruler and his ministers will reign in righteousness and justice, they will be as a refuge from a storm, like shade from a great rock in a thirsty land. Jeremiah 30:21

Then, those who see, will see clearly and the minds of the heedless people will come to understanding and knowledge. Isaiah 29:9-11 & 17-21.

No longer will the fool be called noble or villains be considered honourable All those types will be shown for what they are. Their plans are evil and they deny justice to the poor and needy. Ezekiel 20:35-44.

      But, he who is of noble mind, will make good plans and stand firm in them.

These verses describe how the Lord’s Christian people will live in justice and in the knowledge of truth, when they settle into all of the holy Land. Jeremiah 31:27-34

Isaiah 32:9-14 You complacent people; listen to what I have to say: you may be carefree now, in a little more than a year, your crops will fail. Be terrified, you without a care, you women at ease will go into mourning – for My people’s Land will be forsaken and deserted, an open pasture for the animals.   Psalm 60:1-5

The coming judgement on the Land: the Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath, which will leave the entire Middle East forsaken and deserted. Joel 1:19-20, Jeremiah 30:23-24

Isaiah 32:15-17 Until a Spirit from on high is lavished upon us. Joel 2:22-29, Ezekiel 39:29.

      Then the wilderness will become a garden land, everywhere, fertile fields. Justice and righteousness will fill the Land, peace and quiet trust will prevail forever.

His people, every righteous born again Christian, the Israelites of God, gathered and living in peace and prosperity, soon after all the holy Land, from the Nile to the Euphrates, is cleared and cleansed. The Spirit of God is sent onto them, for them to prepare themselves and the world for the Return of Jesus. Jeremiah 33:10-14]

Isaiah 32:18-20 Then My people will live in a tranquil country, dwelling undisturbed peace and security. It will be cool on the slopes of the forested hills, and the towns will lie peacefully in the plains. Happy will you be tilling and sowing everywhere beside water, your herds and flocks grazing freely. Isaiah 49:9-13, Hosea 2:14-23. Ezekiel 36:33-36, Amos 9:13-15. 

 Reference: Revised English Bible. Some verses abridged.

This chapter 32 of Isaiah, describes beautifully, how the holy Land is cleared in order for His faithful Christian people to live there, as promised to the Patriarchs, and for them to be a light to the nations. They will rebuild the Temple and send out 144,000 missionaries to preach the coming Kingdom of Jesus. Revelation 7:1-9

Note; in verse 19 – the REB says:… the towns will lie peaceful in the plains.

                              The NIV says:…the city is levelled completely.

                               The KJV says:….the city shall be low, in a low place.

This is a glaring example of translation differences. The KJV translates literally, without conveying the intended meaning. The NIV gets it totally wrong, but the REB puts it correctly and in the right context.