Paul tells us exactly who a true Jew is:

Paul tells us exactly who a true Jew is: A person who is circumcised of the heart; spiritually, not literally. Romans 2:29
Realize this: people are what they claim to be. People claim to be Americans, but what is their actual racial origin? I claim to be a New Zealander, but my origins are Scottish and English. And what their origins are, who can guess?
Those citizens of the State of Israel who claim to be Jewish and many others around the world, actually have no proof of actual descent from Judah. Just tradition and it is a fact that many have become Jews by conversion to Judaism.

Therefore saying there is a Jewish race, a special group of people kept apart by God, is not correct and it contradicts clear Bible teachings of ethnicity having no value in Salvation.

We know why some people must have a Jewish people around in the end times. It is so they can go to heaven, while the Jews pass thru Judgement and eventually get saved.
Neither the ‘rapture’ or a Jewish redemption will happen, both theories are unbiblical and contrary to what the Bible prophets do actually tell us will happen.