Our Unfailing Helper

The Wisdom of Solomon, chapter 17;

Great are Your judgements and hard to expound and this is why uninstructed souls go astray. The heathen imagine that they can lord it over Your holy nation, but they are prisoners of darkness, fugitives from eternal providence. They think that their secret sins will escape detection – they are in darkness, afraid and terrified by apparitions.

The tricks of the sorcerer’s fail them, and their boasted wisdom is put to shame. For those who profess to drive out fear are themselves sick with dread. Wickedness proves a cowardly thing when condemned by an inner witness and the grip of conscience gives way to forebodings of disaster.

Fear is nothing but an abandonment of the aid that reason affords, and hope, defeated by this loss of support, capitulates in ignorance of the cause by which their torment comes. These people are overspread with heavy darkness, a fit image of the doom that awaits them.

The Wisdom of Solomon, Chapter 18

For Your holy ones, there shines a great light. You provide the light of Your Law to be their guide. Your enemies deserve to lose that light, for they have kept Your people imprisoned and under subjection.

Your people, through whom the imperishable light of the Law is given to the world.

All things are now in silence- the night is nearly over. Suddenly, Your all powerful Word leaps from His Royal throne into the midst of the doomed Land, like a relentless warrior, bearing the sharp sword of Your inflexible decree; with His head touching the heavens and His feet on the earth, He stands and spreads death everywhere.

The godless fling themselves to the ground, beset by nightmare phantoms, who teach them why it is that they are suffering, so that they should not perish still ignorant of why they perished.

The Wisdom of Solomon, Chapter 19;

All creation with all it’s elements is refashioned in subservience to Your command, in order that Your servants might be preserved unscathed. They look to the cloud overshadowing them and are at peace, like horses at pasture, like skipping lambs. They praise You, by whose hand they are rescued.

In everything, O Lord, You have made Your people great and glorious and in every time and place You have been their unfailing helper. Reference, Revised English Bible Apocrypha, abridged