Our Sure Foundation

I am convinced that we must prepare ourselves for the consequences of a dramatic future disruption. This is not to say that the days ahead are to be dreaded. On the contrary, if God is culminating history in my lifetime, then I count it a privilege.

Simply stated, each of the following factors are increasing exponentially along with the problems associated with them; weapons, technology, communications, mobility, money, and population.

Are we then to despair? Move to the mountains, stockpile food and guns, put Prozac in the water? I don’t think so. Our only hope is that God is still out there and He is still interested in His creation.

Most of our days are spent in routine- life’s treadmill. But a personal or national disaster has a way of helping us consider something more authentic. We look at the Big picture and try to change our lives in preparation, the thought of an imminent interview with the Almighty clarifies our priorities in the direction of authenticity.

Authenticity might be defined as the difference between what we believe and how we live. In the challenging days ahead it isn’t enough to coast along and be part Christian.

Authentic vision; We understand that God is good and that He is love. He is a God who cares, who changes hearts, drawing all people and building His church. He works in history, bringing His plan for His creation to fruition.

We understand that we are broken, empty and vulnerable, but redeemed and forgiven in Christ. We are ambassadors and witnesses, equipped with truth and love and gifted with the Word, the Spirit and the mind of Christ. We commit to love the Lord, ourselves and one another. We look to build the Kingdom, telling others the good news, with respect.

Authentic values; Without values, there are no standards, no real reference point.

John Calvin says the duty of a Christian is to make the invisible Kingdom visible.

 What then are they? Here are some; peace, service, humility, forgiveness, reconciliation, kindness, gentleness, grace, patience, self control, submission, mercy, forbearance, honesty, wisdom and unity.

Authentic relationships; Christ’s great commandment reduces to one concept; love.

This means that we cherish, nourish and protect our relationships to God, to self and to others. Love is not the road to authenticity, it is just that, Love is not just a good idea, it is the only idea. This, based on Scripture and the love of God, will survive the fire to come and will transcend the end of the age without fear.

Authentic lifestyle; The call of Christianity is not a call to be weird. To be a witness does not consist in engaging in propaganda or even in stirring people up, but in being a living mystery. It means to live in such a way that one’s life would not make sense if God did not exist.

We can’t con God. He knows if we are being fully authentic in our vision, values, lifestyle and relationships, or if we are just cultural moderns addicted to progress. There is a difference.  Our vision is staggeringly comprehensive. Our weapons are truth and love. Our inheritance is incorruptible. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. We are the only ones who have a sure foundation on which to stand.   Ref Richard Swenson c