Our Enemies gone in an Instant

Our enemies; gone in an instant, like a dream:

Psalms 69:13-18 At the acceptable time, I will lift up my prayer to You, Lord: in Your great love, answer me with Your salvation. Rescue me, do not let me sink, deliver me from those who hate me. Do not let the depths of the pit engulf me, in Your great compassion; turn toward me. Come near and redeem me and deliver me from my enemies.

Psalms 69:22-28 My enemies preparations become a trap for them, their eyes are veiled, so they cannot see the punishment coming upon them. Pour out Your wrath upon them, let Your burning anger overtake them. Let their towns be deserted, their houses without inhabitants.

            For our enemies have persecuted Your people, those who You sent into exile, enemies have multiplied our troubles and gloated over our trials.

            Lord: heap double punishment on them, blot them out of the Book of Life. Let them not share in the salvation of the innocent.

Psalms 69:29-31 Now; I am in pain and distress, may Your salvation protect me. I shall praise God’s Name in song and glorify Him with thanksgiving. This will please Him more than a offering of a animal.

Psalms 69:32-36 The poor and humble will understand and be glad. Take heart, you seekers after the Lord, for He listens to you and does not reject His captive people. Let all things praise Him, for the Lord will deliver Zion and rebuild the towns of Judah. His people will settle there and possess the holy Land. The children of those who serve Him will inherit it and those who love Him will live there.

Psalms 70:1-5 Make haste and save me, O God, let our enemies be shamed and confused, may all who desire our ruin be disgraced. May all who think they have the upper hand, be defeated.

            But let all who seek the Lord be jubilant and rejoice in their salvation, all those who long for His rescue will shout: All glory to God!!

            Now, we are oppressed and poor, Lord come quickly and save us. You are our help and deliverer, Lord do not delay!

Psalms 73:12 & 17-20 The wicked feel secure as they amass wealth and power. But then, I saw what their destiny will be. They are on a slippery slope and they will fall headlong into disastrous ruin. In an instant they are destroyed, completely swept away by Your terrors, You make an end to them. They become as a dream when one awakes, like fantasies of the imagination.

                                                                        Reference: REB, NIV. Some verses abridged. ����