On the Day the Lord Saves His People

        On the day the Lord saves His people….

Isaiah 30:26 …..the sun will shine with seven times its usual brightness and the moon will be as bright as the sun, like seven days on one.

Isaiah 63:4 I resolved on a Day of vengeance, the year for redeeming My own had come.

These verses, along with many others, tell us that His people – righteous Israel, will be protected and redeemed on the same Day that the Lord takes vengeance on His enemies

A graphic description of Day of vengeance is in Psalm 18:7-15 ….He parted the heavens and came down….He flew on the back of a cherub…..He made darkness His covering. Thick clouds came from the radiance before Him… He hurled forth lightning shafts.

Verses 10-11 describe the Lords mode of transport and that He won’t actually be seen then- “dense vapour His canopy”. Whereas, at His glorious Return, all the world will see.

Although this Day of the Lord’s  wrath is described in Isaiah as Day of bright sunshine, the reason for this is a coronal mass ejection which will actually microwave the earth’s crust. What will happen then is earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions, resulting in plenty of smoke and ash clouds. [Isaiah 30:27-28] It is perfectly obvious that what is prophesied at this Day of vengeance is not the same as at His Return, when He destroys the armies of the Anti Christ with the sword from His mouth.

We know that the Return of Jesus comes at the end of the Tribulation and the last “week”- seven years, of Daniel. Therefore that great event is still some time away, a possible/ probable date for it is 2029/30, as that is the 40th Jubilee year from the commencement of Jesus’s ministry on earth.

So, some time before 2023, the Day of vengeance will occur and then His people, righteous Israel will gather and settle in the Promised Land.

There is much speculation about 2017, signs in the heavens and possibly demons can predict some things. Anyway, 2017 does seem a likely date, because of the situation in the Middle East, excessive population growth, the economy and many other world problems that may culminate by then.

The wonderful promises that the Lord has made to His people – gathered, redeemed and settled in the Land of Greater Israel must be fulfilled;  Zechariah 9:16-17

Hosea 14:5-7 I shall be as dew to Israel, that they may flower like the lily… put out        fresh shoots…fair and fragrant as the olive tree. Israel will again live in My shadow, [not His presence, as yet] they will grow and flourish.

2 Esdras 1:35-36 I will give your [Mid East peoples] houses to a people yet to come, a people who will trust Me, though they had not known Me, who will do My bidding. I gave them no signs, they have seen no prophets, yet will keep in mind what the prophets taught of old.

Ezekiel 36:8-12 But you, mountains of Israel – put forth your branches and bear fruit, for My people, Israel, for their homecoming is near. I shall settle in you many people- the whole House of Israel, they will increase and be fruitful.

Ref: REB some verses abridged.