Nuclear and all Weapons of war are Destroyed

Nuclear and all weapons of war are neutralized and armies are destroyed by a massive explosion of the sun, instigated by the Lord:

Amos 5:9 The Lord flashes forth destruction upon the strongholds of the powerful nations.

Zephaniah 1:16 A Day of battle cries against fortified cities.

Isaiah 30:25-30 ….on the Day of massacre, when fortresses fall….The Lord’s arm will descend in His fierce anger, with devouring flames of fire…..  

Deuteronomy 32:22 For fire is kindled by My wrath, it burns to the realms of death below. [weapons stored underground] It devours the earth and its harvest and penetrates to the foundations of the mountains. [The electromagnetic pulse effect of huge coronal mass ejection.]

Jeremiah 25:32 Disaster spreads from nation to nation, [as the earth rotates] a mighty storm of military destruction comes.

Psalm 46:9 In all the world, He breaks the bow, snaps the spear and burns the shields in the fire.

Jeremiah 50:22-27 See how the hammer of the world is shattered. The Lord has opened His armoury, the weapons of His wrath to do His work in the land of the Babylonians. [the godless peoples] Put all warriors to the sword, lead them to slaughter, for their time has come.

 Amos 2:14-16 ....the warrior will not save himself, on that Day they will all throw away their weapons and run, but they cannot escape.

Proverbs 12:12 The strongholds of the wicked crumble like clay.

Psalm 76:3 The Lord has broken the flashing arrows [nukes] and all weapons of war.

Ezekiel 7:14 The trumpet has sounded, but no one goes to war, for their actions have called forth My wrath.  [An attack on Israel by the Islamic peoples. Psalms 83]

Hebrews 12:29 For our God is a consuming fire.

Isaiah 34:2 The Lord’s anger is against all the nations, His wrath is against their armed forces, they will be slaughtered, their dead will stink.

Hosea 10:13-14…..because you have trusted in your chariots and in the number of your warriors, destruction will arise against your people [Israel and the Western nations.] and all your fortresses will be overthrown. [military power destroyed]

Hosea 2:18….. I shall break the bow and sword, I shall sweep all weapons of war off the earth, so that My people may lie down without fear.

Haggai 2:21-22 I shall shake the heavens and the earth,  shall overthrow the thrones of kings, break the power of the heathen realms, overturn chariots, horses and riders will fall. [armies] Fear will cause them to fight amongst themselves.

Micah 5:10-11 On that Day, I shall slaughter your horses and burn your chariots and raze your [military] fortifications to the ground.

Jeremiah 49:35 I shall break the bow of Elam, [Iran] the chief weapon of their might. [bow and arrows, military code names for nuclear weapons]

The Coronal Mass Ejection, explosion of the sun, Isaiah 30:26, that the Lord will use on His great and terrible Day of vengeance and wrath, will destroy all electronic systems, cause weapons to explode, sink ships, crash aircraft, burn buildings and kill personnel.