Now is the Time to fulfil all the Prophesies

Ecclesiasticus 15:11-20 Do not say; ‘The Lord is to blame for my going astray’. it is for you to avoid what he hates. Do not say; ‘I was led into error’. The Lord has no use for a sinner. He hates every kind of vice, you cannot love sinful things and still fear Him.

          When, in the beginning God created mankind, He left them free to make their own decisions. If you choose, you can observe the Commandments, you can keep faith if you are so minded. He has set before you fire and water – reach out and make your choice. Mortals are offered life or death, whichever they prefer will be given to them.

          For great is the wisdom of the Lord, He is mighty in power and all seeing. His eyes are on all, no human action escapes His notice. He has commanded no one to be impious, to none has he given a license to sin.

Ecclesiasticus 16:6-17 Where sinners assemble, fire breaks out – retribution blazes up when a nation is disobedient. There was no pardon for the giants of old who rebelled in their strength. There was no reprieve for Lot’s adopted home, abhorrent in its arrogance. There was no mercy for the doomed nation, exterminated in its sin. No even one stubborn person can escape punishment, for mercy and anger belong to the Lord – He shows His power now in forgiveness, now in overflowing anger. His mercy is great, but so is His condemnation, He judges people by what each has done. He does not let a wrongdoer escape or try the patience of the godly for too long. Everyone is treated according to their deeds. Do not say; I am hidden from the Lord, who up there gives a thought to me?, among so many I will not be noticed.

Ecclesiasticus 16:18-23 The highest heaven, the earth and the abyss are shaken at His coming. The mountains and the foundations of the world tremble when he looks upon them. What mortal mind can comprehend the ways of the Lord? As a storm can take people unawares, for the most part His works are done in secret. Who is to declare His acts of justice, their fulfilment being so remote? But these are the thoughts of a small mind, the lack of sense of a misguided person.

Ecclesiasticus 36:1-10 Look on us with pity, Lord God of all and strike fear into every nation. Lift Your hand against the heathen and let then behold Your power. Let them learn, as we have; that there is no God but You. Renew Your signs, repeat Your miracles, win glory for Your mighty Right hand and pour out Your anger and wrath to destroy the enemy. Remember the Day You have appointed and hasten it, give us cause to recount Your wonders. Let burning wrath devour the oppressors of Your people, so the hostile and arrogant meet their doom.

Ecclesiasticus 36:11-17  Gather all the tribes of Israel and grant them their inheritance, as You did so long ago. Have compassion, Lord, on Your people, on Israel, named as Your firstborn. Show mercy to Jerusalem, Your sanctuary, fill Zion with the praise of Your triumph and the Temple with Your glory. Now is the time to fulfil those prophecies given in Your Name prove Your prophets correct.

Listen now, Lord, to the prayers of Your servants, reward those who look to You in trust and claim the blessings promised to Your people. Let all who live on earth acknowledge that You are the Eternal God.

                                                          Reference: Revised English Bible Apocrypha.