Nine Steps of Degeneration

Man centred worldviews oppose the Biblical worldview at every point. Truth is made into a lie: Romans 1:25, good becomes evil and evil good: Psalms 52:3, darkness is substituted for light: Isaiah 8:22, John 3:19, leading to a futile and depraved mind: Ephesians 4:17. This rejection of the Sovereign God leads to a downward spiral that begins with perverse thinking and leads to corrupt actions. What was originally designed to be correct, man makes wrong by supressing the truth in his unrighteousness. Deut. 32:5, Psalms 125:5, Proverbs 2:12-15, Philippians 2:15.

Romans 1:18-32 & 2:5-10, gives us the nine steps of this degeneration:

1/ Suppression of the Truth: Romans 1:18b-20 & 25…men and women in their impiety and wickedness suppress the truths that are visible to the eye of reason, in all that He has made.

2/ Intellectual futility: Romans 1:21a They refuse to honour God or give Him thanks, therefore they are incapable of understanding the Truth.

3/ Spiritual darkness: Romans 1:21b …their misguided minds are plunged into darkness.

4/ Gross stupidity: Romans 1:22 They boast of their wisdom, but they have made fools of themselves.

5/ Deification of man and nature: Romans 1:23 They exchange the glory of immortal God for that of corruptible man and nature.

6/ Immorality: Romans 1:24 & 26-27 For this reason, God has given them up to their own vile desires and to the consequent degradation of their own bodies.

7/ Social destruction: Romans 1:28-31 Because they refuse to acknowledge the Creator, He has given them up to their own depraved ways and this leads them to break every rule on right conduct. They are filled with every kind of wickedness, evil and malice. People like this have no rules of honesty or truth, have no sense of trustworthiness and have no loyalty or pity for others.

8/ Cause the downfall of others: Romans 1:32 In their hearts, they know that those who flout God’s Laws deserve to die, yet they not only do it, but actively encourage sinful activity in others.

9/ The result: Romans 2:5-10 Those in obstinate rebellion against God have laid up a store of retribution against themselves, to be revealed, when His just judgement will expose them. God will repay everyone for what they have done. To those who pursue glory, honour and immortality by steady persistence in righteous living, He will give eternal life.  But the retribution of His wrath awaits those who refuse obedience to the truth and take evil for their guide. There will be affliction and distress for every human being who is a wrongdoer, for the Jew first, then all the Gentile peoples.  Isaiah 13:9, Hebrews 10:26-31

Many Christian leaders try to avoid conflict with secular ideologies by teaching that God’s Word is all about personal religious experience. They contend that Christians should not be concerned with worldly matters, because ’our citizenship is in heaven’.

Jesus said: ‘My Kingdom is not of this world’. That means His power and authority is from God, but His Kingdom IS here and He WILL rule the earth a few years after His judgement/punishment by fire, that will commence the final events of this age.