My People, Mark My Teaching

              Psalms 78:1-2  My people; mark My teaching – I shall tell you a meaningful story, explain          the riddle of things past.

Psalm 78:3-6  God laid on Jacob a solemn charge, a rule in the Land – to teach their           descendants of the wonders that the Lord did for them.

Psalm 78:7  They were charged to put their trust in God and keep His commandments.

Psalm 78:8  Not to do as their forefathers did; a disobedient and rebellious generation.

Psalm 78:9  The Ephramites, mighty warriors, turned tail in the hour of battle. They had           not kept God’s covenant and had forgotten the wonders He had done for them.      

Psalm 77:1-2   I cried aloud to God. In the day of my distress I sought the Lord.

Psalm 77:5      My thoughts went back to times long past.

Psalm 77:7-8   Will the Lord always reject me? Will His promises ever be fulfilled?

Psalm 77:10     Has the right hand of the Most High grown weak?

Psalm 77:14     You are a God who works miracles; show us your power.

Psalm 77:15  With Your strong arm You rescued Your people, the descendants of                         Jacob and Joseph.

Psalm 78:65-66 Then the Lord awoke, as a sleeper wakes. He struck His foes and drove                          them back, bringing shame upon them.

Psalm 77:17-18 The clouds poured down rain, the skies thundered.            

    Your arrows flashed around the world.

Psalm 77:20  The Lord shepherded His people like a flock and guided them with a skilful hand.

Psalm 78:1-8 Jacob, that is all Israel, now every faithful Christian, are told of their responsibility, that the Lord has placed upon them. He saved them from Egypt and gave them the Promised Land, but ancient Israel failed to maintain their faith in their God. So, now we as modern righteous Israel must not do as the forefathers did.

Psalm 78:9 Ephraim, Josephs son, one of the 10 tribes taken into Assyrian captivity. Because of their faithlessness, God no longer helped them in battle.

Psalm 77:1-14 A prayer of the Israelites, asking God to once again display His power.

Psalm 77:15 The Lord rescues His people, Israel. Written in a past tense, because His people must trust and believe His promises as though they are already fulfilled.

Psalm 77:17-18 & Ps 78:65-66 This describes the Lords Day of vengeance. Isa 63:4, Psalms 110:6. Ezekiel 30:3, Joel 2:1, Habakkuk 3:12.

Psalm 77:20 His people, righteous Christian Israel, are brought back safely to the Land.            Isaiah 35:1-10           Reference; Revised English Bible.   Some verses abridged