My People Like Lost Sheep

    Jeremiah 46:27 But Jacob, My servant Israel, do not be afraid, from afar I shall bring you back safe and your children from the lands where they are captives. Jacob will be at rest once more, secure and untroubled.

Jeremiah 46:28 Do not be afraid, Jacob, My servant, for I am with you. I shall make an end of all the nations amongst whom I have dispersed you; but of you I will not make an end. I shall discipline you as you deserve – not wholly unpunished.

Jeremiah 48:2 Moab is no more, in Heshbon, they plot her downfall. Also you will be cut down O Madman, the sword will pursue you. In Hebrew, madman can be translated as Mahomet – very significant. The rest of chapter 48 is judgement on Moab and Ammon – seems to be historical, but modern Jordanian Arab Muslim peoples inhabit those areas today. v6 Yet after this, I will restore the fortunes of Moab & Ammon

Jeremiah 49:7-22the destruction of Edom. You will not escape punishment, for by My life, says the Lord, Bozrah will become a desolation forever. Edom will be an object of horror. No one will live there again. Look; an eagle with outspread wings will swoop down against Bozrah. On that Day, Edom’s warriors will lose heart for battle.

Jeremiah 49:23 The destruction of Damascus [Syria] v22 I shall kindle a fire in Damascus.   Isaiah 17:1

Jeremiah 49:28 Come, attack Kedar and Hazor [Arabia] They will become a haunt of jackals, desolate forever and no one will live there.

Jeremiah 49:34-39 The word of the Lord concerning Elam [Iran] I shall break the bow of Elam, the chief weapon of their might. [nuclear weapons] I will vent My fierce anger on them in disaster, until I make an end to them. Yet in days to come, I shall restore the fortunes of Elam.  Psalms 11:4-6, Habakkuk 3:12

Jeremiah 50:1 The word of the Lord about Babylon, land of the Chaldeans [Iraq] you will be a desolate wasteland, all men and beasts have fled and gone.

Jeremiah 50:4-7 In those days and at that time, the people of Israel and Judah will come together and in tears, go in search of the Lord their God. They will go to Zion, saying: “Come let us join ourselves to the Lord in an everlasting covenant.” My people were like lost sheep, wandering far from their sheepfold. [this must be before the Return of Jesus] Their enemies devoured them without guilt, because they had sinned against the Lord.

Jeremiah 50:14 Marshal your forces and encircle Babylon, you whose bows are ready strung, shoot at her – spare not your arrows.

Jeremiah 50:17-18 Israel is a scattered flock, chased by lions, first by Assyria, then Babylon chewed their bones. Therefore, I shall punish Babylon as I did Assyria. [in these end times, Babylon and Assyria is an allegory for all the heathen nations]

Jeremiah 50:19-20 But I shall bring Israel back to his own pasture, on Ephraim’s hills and in Gilead, he will eat his fill. In those days, says the Lord, when that time comes, a search will be made for Israel’s guilt, but there will be none, for those whom I leave as a remnant, I shall pardon.

The name of Israel is used by the ancient Prophets, but now after the Advent of Jesus, we know that salvation is available to everyone, John 3:16, and it will be all the faithful Christian people from every tribe, race, nation and language, that will inherit all of the holy Land. Revelation 5:9-10, Rev 7:9-14

Reference: REB, NIV, KJV some verses abridged.