Micah ben Moresheth


The book of the prophet Micah is not written in a chronological order, as Isaiah 28:10 says; Scripture is a little here, a little there – rather like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

Below are all the verses of Micah, in a sequence based on history, the current situation and from other prophets.  Chapter and verse numbers given after each quote. Some verses abridged.


Listen all you peoples, give heed, so that the Lord may bear witness among you. 1:2

Woe to all Israel, they sin against Me, therefore I will give the Land to your enemies. 2:1-6

I, Micah declare to the Israelites their crimes, your leaders should know what is right, but they take no care for My people, the Lord will hide His face from them. 3:1-12

Hear what the Lord is saying; You were told what is right, just and good and I blessed you.

Now I shall inflict severe punishments and exile on you. 6:1-16, 7:1-6

Israel has been conquered and now disaster will come to Judah, all of the Land and the Temple will be reduced to ruin. 1:5-16,2:1-11,4:9-10

[the Assyrian and then the Babylonian conquests]

The Israelites will rule Assyria, the people of Israel will be like lions among sheep. 5:5-9

Although Israel and Judah have fallen, they will rise again, they must bear His anger until He pleads their case and establishes their rights. 7:8-9 From Bethlehem will come Israel’s King, He is from the ancient past. Israel will be abandoned until He is born to them. 5:2-3a


Now, withdraw behind your walls, you people who live in a protected place, destruction is coming, the ruler of Israel will be injured. Do not trust any mortal, for your enemies may be anyone, but watch and trust in the Lord, He will save you. 5:1, 7:5-7

Many nations are now massed against Israel, they do not know the Lord’s purpose, for he has gathered them like sheaves on the threshing floor. My people will have supernatural strength and many nations will be crushed. 4:11-13

Even now, the Lord is leaving His dwelling place, He comes down and tramples the earth. In that Day, says the Lord, I shall destroy your cities, your military and all your idols. In My furious anger, I shall bring disaster on all the peoples who disobey Me. 1:3-4, 5:10-15


Who is God like You? You forgive the sins of the remnant of Your people, for to be merciful is Your delight. You will be true to Israel and keep Your promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 7:18-20 Let the nations see it and be silenced as they come in fear and  trembling from their strongholds. 7:10, 7:16-17 Show us miracles as in the days of Egypt. 7:15 

That will be the Day to rebuild and extend your boundaries. A Day when Your people will return to the Land from every place on earth. The rest of the world will become a waste because of its inhabitants. God, shepherd Your people with Your strong arm, the flock that is Your own. They live apart, in a fertile Land, in Bashan and Gilead as in times past. 7:11-14 I will surely gather you and bring together the remnant of Israel, like sheep into a sheepfold. The One who opens the way will go before them, they will break through the gate, with the Lord at their head. 2:12-13

In that Day, I shall gather those who are lost, assemble the dispersed and those I have afflicted. I shall restore the remnant and turn them into a mighty nation. My Presence will be on Mt Zion and the promises made to you and the Land will be fulfilled. All your Lands will be restored to you.4:6-8

Those of the people who survive will rejoin their brethren. Your leader will rise up and lead you with strength and in the Name of the Lord. You will enjoy security, in his power. 5:3b-4


In days to come, the mountain of the Lord’s House will be established, higher than other hills. People will come to it, saying: let us go to the Place of Israel’s God, that we may learn the right way to live. The Lord will judge with righteousness and there will be no more war. We will all be loyal to the Lord. 4:1-5               THEN THERE WILL BE PEACE!