Marching to Music

Marching to music

At the great gathering into the promised Land, as described to us by the prophets, the Lord’s righteous people: every faithful Christian, will march proudly to music as they enter their heritage. Ephesians 1:10-14 Their Redeemer and Deliverer is waiting to show them His favour, He will guide and protect them, in the same manner as He did with their ancestors during the Exodus from Egypt. 1 Cor. 10:1-5 The Land will blossom and flourish, Isaiah 35:1-10 and they will live there in peace and security, excepting for a 3½ year period  of control by the Anti Christ. Then will come the return of Jesus for His Millennial reign.  

Isaiah 30:18 Yet the Lord is waiting to show you His favour, He yearns to have pity on you. Happy are those who wait on Him!

Ezekiel 20:34-38 By My strong arm and outpoured wrath, I shall bring you out from among the peoples and gather you from the lands where you have been dispersed. I shall bring you into a desert place and bring you into judgement, as I did with your ancestors out of Egypt. I shall pass you under the rod of judgement and count you as you enter Israel. Those who revolt and rebel against Me will not enter the Land.

outpoured wrath’ refers to the next prophesied event – the terrible Day of the Lord’s wrath and vengeance, that destroys His enemies and cleanses the Land by fire. The Christian Israelites will then march into and take over all that area promised, so long ago to Abraham.

Ezekiel 36:8 You: Land of Israel – grow your trees and yield your fruit, for the homecoming of My people, Israel, is near.

Micah 4:6 On that Day, I shall gather those who are lost, I shall assemble the dispersed.

Micah 2:12 I will assemble you, the whole House of Jacob. [now every faithful Christian] I will gather you together with those remaining in Israel and herd them like sheep in a fold.

Jeremiah 3:22 Come back, you apostate people and I shall heal you. Here we are, our God, we are coming back to You.

Jeremiah 31:8-9 See how I bring My people from the ends of the earth, a vast company – they come home, weeping and repentant. I shall comfort them and lead them on smooth paths.

Isaiah 43:19 I am about to do something new, can you see it? I will make a path for My people.

Isaiah 58:11 The Lord will guide you, He will satisfy your needs in the desert and give strength.

Isaiah 62:10 Pass through the gates, clear a road for My people and mark their way.

Isaiah 42:16 Without fail, I shall lead the blind and guide My people along paths unknown to them.

Psalms 68:7-9 The Lord, leading His people, marching through the desert- the earth shakes and rain pours down.     Isaiah 44:3

Isaiah 30:29 For you there will be joyful singing, as you march into Israel, the Holy Land of God.

Isaiah 40:26-31 Lift your eyes to the heavens, consider your Creator, He leads His people out – each summoned by name, none are missing. He gives strength to the exhausted and those who look to Him will not faint, they march as on eagles wings.

Obadiah 19:21 My people will possess the Negev, Samaria, Northern and southern Jordan and all the coastlands of the Mediterranean.

Isaiah 49:8-11 The Lord says: In the time of My favour, on the Day of Deliverance, I will come to your aid, you are My people destined to be a light to the nations and to restore the Land. Go free now and in the Land you will find food and water in plenty. It will not be too hot when the One who loves them will guide them along highways. My people, coming from all parts of the world, will shout for joy as they enter their Land. For God has comforted His people in their distress.                    Reference REB. Some verses abridged.