Many will try to gain this Knowledge

Many will try to gain this knowledge.  Daniel 12:4 But only a few will understand. Daniel 12:10

Here is a Bible passage that seems to fit how internet forums operate in our modern age:

Ezekiel 33:30-33 People gather in groups and talk among themselves, saying: Let us see if there is any message from the Lord.
So people will read what is Written, but they will not act on it. Fine words, they will say, with insincerity, for their hearts are set on going their own way and they believe false teachers who promote prosperity and removal from any Tribulation.
To them, anyone who tells the truth of the Prophetic Word, is no more than a singer of fine songs, or a gifted musician. They will read the truth as presented, but none will take heed of it.
When disaster comes, as it come will, only then will they remember that they were warned, but failed to take notice of what God’s prophets had told them.

 REB. Condensed and paraphrased.