Many have been Created

Many have been created, but only a few will be saved

2 Esdras 7:45-56 Therefore, on the Day of judgement, there can be no mercy for those who have lost their case and no reversal for those who have won. Ezra replied: But Lord, how much better it would be if Adam had been restrained from sinning. O Adam; what have you done? What good is the hope of eternity, in the wretched and futile state to which we have become?      You say that God will save those who lead pure lives, but what of the many who fail to attain that standard and give no thought to what is in store after death.

2 Esdras 7:57-61 This is the thought for every person to keep in mind during the battle of life: Moses, in his time said to the people: “Choose life, that you may live”. But they believed neither him, or the prophets sent after him.       There will be no sorrow over their damnation, but there will be joy for the salvation of those who have believed and obeyed God’s commands.

2 Esdras 7:62-70 I know that God is merciful and compassionate. Without His forgiveness, there could be no hope for this worlds inhabitants. He is our Judge and unless He blots out our countless offences, there would be very few who could be spared. The angel replied: God has made this world for many, the next world for but a few. It is the same with the earth, plenty of clay, not much gold – many have been created, but only a few will be saved.  Romans 9:22-23

2 Esdras 8:19-39 This is the prayer offered by Ezra, before being taken up to heaven:   O Lord, You inhabit eternity, everything belongs to You…..We and our fathers have lived evil lives, yet it is on account of us sinners that You are called merciful. What is man, that You should be angry with him? The truth is, no one who was ever born is entirely innocent of sin. God will have joy in the salvation of those who trust Him

2 Esdras 8:59-62 Yours, then will be the joys I have predicted.        It is not that the Most High has wanted any person to be destroyed, but those He created, brought dishonor onto their Creators Name and show ingratitude to the One who put life within their reach. That is why My judgement is now close at hand.  I have not made this known to all, only to you and a few like you.

2 Esdras 9:1-6 My Lord, tell me when the last days will be.       Watch carefully, you will see that some of the signs predicted have already passed, then you will understand that the time is near for God to begin to judge the world that He has created. When the world becomes the scene of earthquakes, insurrections, plots among the nations, unstable governments and panic among rulers, then the end of the age, as prophesied, draws near. The times that God has determined; the beginning is marked by portents and miracles, the end by manifestations of power.

2 Esdras 9:7-8 All who come safely through and escape destruction, thanks to their good deeds and faith they have shown, will survive the dangers I have foretold and witness the salvation I shall bring to My Land, the territory I have set apart from all eternity as My own. The just will be saved, the world is theirs and for their sake it exists.    Romans 2:9-11                                Reference: REB Apocrypha. Verses abridged