Lord, arise and set Your Hand to the Task

Psalms 10:1-11 Lord: Why do You hide Yourself in times of trouble? The godless boast of their plans, but their ways are always devious. They are full of deceit and violence, reviling Your people and thinking: Their God has forgotten, He sees nothing.

Psalms 10:12-15 Lord; break the power of the wicked and evil peoples, call them to account. Arise now and set Your Hand to the task. Do not forget Your people. The godless reject You, they think You will take no action. Lord, You see how they love terror and death, we commit ourselves to You – the Light and salvation of Your people.  [The Lord’s people; all the faithful Christians]

Psalms 9:7-14 The Lord will judge all peoples with justice. He is a tower of strength for the oppressed. Show us Your favour, do not ignore our cry for help, then we will praise You and proclaim Your mighty deeds, for You do not abandon those who acknowledge Your Name and seek You in faith.

Psalms 9:15-20 The nations are trapped in a pit of their own making, entangled in their own net. The Lord will display His power and all the peoples who refuse to acknowledge the Living God, will depart to hell. The hopes and prayers of Your people will be realized, as You fulfil Your promises to them. For the Lord will arise and judge the nations, they will know they are only mortal.

Psalms 10:17-18 You hear, Lord, the supplications of the humble, support them and bring redress. Answer now the prayers of the righteous, so that those who promote terror receive their just deserts.

Psalms 9:2-6 We will praise You, Lord with all our hearts, we will rejoice and exult in You. For You have upheld our rights. You have rebuked the nations and overwhelmed the godless peoples. They are defeated, they fall and perish, totally wiped out, even the memory of them is lost.

Psalms 10:16 The evil peoples have gone from Your holy Land and the Lord will reign forever!  Deut. 32:43      Ref: REB. Some verses abridged and paraphrased.

The Lord WILL arise and judge the nations. Psalms 94:1-7, Isaiah 33:10-12, Hab. 3:12

The Lord WILL display His power:  A massive CME sunstrike will cause all the prophesied effects. Isaiah 30:26-28, Deut. 32:34-35, Psalms 97:3-5, Isaiah 33:10-12

The prayers of His people WILL be realized. 1 Peter 1:5, as You punish the ungodly nations. Isaiah 13:9-13, Nahum 1:2-6, Revelation 6:12-17

Those peoples and nations who are full of deceit and violence, Psalm 144:7-8, those who love terror and death, Ezekiel 35:6, WILL fall and perish, they WILL depart to hell. Isaiah 66:15-16, Jeremiah 25:30-33  

The evil peoples have all gone from Your holy Land. Jeremiah 12:14, Ezekiel 30:2-9 Your people WILL rejoice and praise the Lord, Jeremiah 33:6-26, as they gather and live in their heritage. Isaiah 40:1-3, Ezekiel 20:34-38, Zechariah 10:8-10, Psalms 107:1-3, Hosea 2:14 & 11:10-11, Ezekiel 37:21, Jeremiah 31:8-9, Zephaniah 3:16-20

The Lord WILL reign forever! Firstly the Shekinah Glory WILL return to the new Temple, Ezekiel 43:4, then later, Jesus will reign for 1000 years. Revelation 20:6 Finally, God and the Lamb WILL be eternally throned in the New Jerusalem. Revelation 22:1-5