Listen you Leaders

Wisdom of Solomon 6:1-6 Hear now you leaders, take this to heart, learn this lesson, all you who lead My people. Your authority was bestowed upon you by the Lord, your power comes from the Most High, He will probe your actions and scrutinize your intentions. Though you are servants, appointed by the King, you have not been upright judges and priests; you have not maintained the Law or guided your steps by the will of God. Swiftly and terribly He will descend upon you, for judgement falls relentlessly on those in high positions. The lowly and humble may find pity and forgiveness, but those in authority will be called to account.

Wisdom of Solomon 5:14-23 The hope of the godless is like feathers flying in the wind, like smoke that dissipates, but the just and righteous live forever, their reward is in the Lord’s keeping and the Most High has them in His care. Therefore He will protect them with His right hand [Jesus] and shield them with His arm.

        The Lord will array  Himself from head to foot with the armour of His wrath and make His creation the weapon against His enemies. With His breastplate of justice, His helmet of judgement, His Holiness for His invincible shield and His relentless anger for His sharp sword, He will destroy His foes. The bolts of His lightning will fly straight to their mark, they will leap upon the target as if His bow in the clouds were drawn to its full arc, and the artillery of His resentment will let fly a fury of hail. The waters of the sea will rage over them and rivers will wash them relentlessly away. A great tempest will arise, they will be scattered like chaff before a whirlwind. So lawlessness will make the whole world desolate and their evildoing will overturn the thrones of princes.

Wisdom of Solomon 3:1-9 God created man imperishable, He made him the image of His own eternal self. It was the devil’s spite that brought death into the world and the experience of it is reserved for those who take his side.

        But the souls of the just are in God’s hand and after a little chastisement, they will receive great blessings because God has tested them and found them to be His. In the hour of the judgement, they will shine in glory, as He sweeps over the world sparking the chaff to stubble. His righteous people will be rulers and judges over nations and peoples: the Lord will be their King forever.

        Those who have put their trust in the Lord will understand the truth and the faithful will attend upon Him in love, they are His chosen and grace and mercy is theirs.

        But the godless will meet with the punishment their evil thoughts and deeds deserve, because they took no heed of justice and rebelled against the Lord.

                                                                         Ref: R.E.Bible Apocrypha a