Lifting the veil

How is it that so many people who study Bible prophecy cannot see the forthcoming fire judgement? It must be attributed to Scriptures that say it will only be possible to know God’s plans just prior to the end time events. 1  So many are sticking to incorrect ideas, such as a pre Tribulation ‘rapture’ and a nuclear war and they misplace or ignore prophetic verses. 2

Over one hundred scriptures tell of a terrible Day of fire and earthquakes, that will affect all of the world – vivid details of a tremendous destruction that cannot be matched with the war of Gog and Magog or the Return of Jesus.3  Prophesy tells plainly how the Middle East countries and cities will be destroyed, 4  and that God will turn the weapons of those commencing to attack the State of Israel upon their own heads. 5

The nature and extent of this fire judgement rules out any man made explanation. It is clearly stated that the Lord Himself will instigate His Day of vengeance and wrath upon all the inhabitants of the earth. 6  The verses in Isaiah 30:26...the sun will shine with seven times its normal strength… and Malachi 4:1 The Day comes, burning like a furnace, are the ones that tell us exactly what means the Lord will use to carry it out. There has, in the past been sunspot activity that has seriously affected the earth, but a really large Coronal Mass Ejection will cause all the prophesied devastation and deaths worldwide. 7   This terrifying and shocking disaster of a fireball that envelopes the earth, will hit suddenly and unexpectedly, killing anyone caught outside. 8   Millions will die from the initial strike and millions more from the fighting and famine afterwards. 9

To re-establish law and order, a One World government will be agreed to, with the world divided into ten regions, each headed by its own president. 10   In Israel, the Messianic Jewish remnant who survive by hiding underground, 11 will be joined by their Christian brethren 12   God knows who they are and He will motivate them to emigrate to the new country of Beulah, to all of that area promised to the Patriarchs. 13  They will experience the great blessings that God has promised to His righteous faithful Christian people and they will fulfill their destiny. 14

In a few years, a world dictator will come to power and will eventually take control of Beulah and he will desecrate the new Temple. This starts the Great Tribulation, then 3½ years later Jesus returns to commence His Millennium reign. 15

Just when do we get to truly understand the prophetic Scriptures? It cannot be that God will say to us after the end times have all happened, “Ha Ha, you dummies, for all your philosophy, sciences and religious studies, you couldn’t figure out what I gave you in your Bible.” No, God will lift the veil from the minds of the few who earnestly seek the truth, those who put aside preconceived notions and renounce erroneous teachings. 16  1 Thessalonians 5:4 You, friends, are not in the dark…  The Lord will enlighten us if we search the Word, in humility and with the right motives. Thessalonians 5:4 You, friends, are not in the dark…  The Lord will enlighten us if we search the Word, in humility and with the right motives.

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