Let us Rejoice in His deliverance

Isaiah 24:18b-23 The windows of the sky above are opened and earth’s foundations shake, it is convulsed and reels wildly. The earth lurches like a drunkard because the sins of its inhabitants weigh heavily upon it.

          On that Day the Lord will punish in heaven the host of heaven and on earth, the rulers of the earth. They are put in a prison, punished over many years.

          The moon will grow pale and the sun will hide its face in shame, for the Lord reigns on Mount Zion, in Jerusalem. He is revealed in His glory to the elders of His people.     

   Jesus is not revealed to all the world, as yet, so this must be before the Return.

This passage describes the Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath. On that Day – the rulers and the sinners on earth will be punished. The sun and moon are darkened because of fires and volcanic eruptions caused by a CME sunstrike, that will affect the whole world. But note that in Isaiah 30:26, it is the Day that He saves His people, now we see that He reveals His glory to the leaders of Righteous Israel, who gather into the Land soon after this judgement.

Isaiah 25:1-5 Lord, you are my God, I shall praise Your Name, for You have done great things, long planned and sure. You have turned cities into heaps of ruin and made destruction over the land. For this many a cruel nation now treat You with awe. You have subdued the ruthless enemy, their war cries die away.

          Truly You have been a refuge for the poor and needy in their distress, their shelter from the tempest and shade from the heat.

          This next prophesied event: the Lord’s Day of vengeance and wrath, will not destroy all of His enemies and sinners, but they will know that punishment has come upon them for their misdeeds. The poor and needy, is a metaphor for His people, Christian Israelites, until they are brought back and settled into Greater Israel. They are promised protection from the heat flash and storms of this CME that the Lord will use to punish His enemies.

Isaiah 25:9 On that Day, the people will say: See – this is our God, we have waited for Him and He will deliver us. This is the God for whom we have waited, let us rejoice and exult in His deliverance.

Deuteronomy 32:43 Rejoice with Him, you heavens, all bow down before Y’hovah. For He will avenge the blood of His people and take vengeance on is enemies. He will punish those who hate Him and cleanse His peoples Land.

                Ref: REB verses abridged.