Latter Days


I believe that the very existence of the State of Israel today, surely places us in the Latter Days. Therefore, correct understanding of the end times should be the aim of every Christian believer. We need to not be taken unawares of coming earth shattering events. Those Christians who subscribe to a rapture, may find themselves unprepared to survive severe Tribulation. The Lord has called us to be His co-workers, so we must know what lies before us, to work intelligently toward the furtherance of His Kingdom. Remember that Jesus rebuked the people of His day, for not being able or willing to discern the signs of the prophetic times in which they lived.

Since 1948, we have seen an amazing restoration of the Jewish people into a portion of the Land. In Joel 3:1 When the time comes, I will reverse the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem.

God says; in that time period, certain things will occur. The next prophetic event will be an attack on the State of Israel by the Islamic nations, with the tacit support of many other nations. The Lord’s judgement on them will result in the destruction and depopulation of most of the Middle East. Jeremiah 12:14, Psalm 83:1-18, Ezekiel 30:1-5

Joel 3:2-3 I shall gather the nations into the valley of Jehoshaphat [the Lord Judges] I will judge them on behalf of My people, whom they scattered among the nations.

         [This event is not at the Return of Jesus, as described in Rev. 19:17-21 and Zechariah 14:3-4 ]

Joel 3:4-8 What are you to Me, Israel’s neighbours? Do you want vengeance? I will make your deeds recoil onto your own heads. You have harmed Judah and stolen their treasures. I will rouse them and bring them home, your own people will be enslaved. Psalm 7:12-16

Joel 3:9-17 Proclaim war among the nations! Prepare your weapons, let the weakest say they are strong. The nations all around will hear the call and gather for judgement. The harvest is ripe- wield the knife, tread the grapes. [Rev. 14:17-20] The Day of the Lords vengeance is at hand, in the place of Decision. But the Lord is a refuge for His people, a defence for Israel. By this you will know that I am the Lord your God. Jerusalem will be holy.

Joel 3:18-21 When that day comes, there will be food and water in plenty in the Land.    Egypt and Edom will become desolate wastes because of the violence they did to Judah, but the Land of Israel will be inhabited forever. I shall avenge their blood and the Lord will dwell in Zion. Ezekiel 30:2-5, Zephaniah 2:8-9, Obadiah 1-21

It should be clear to anyone that a secular State of Israel is not God’s highest ambition for His people. Currently the Jews only occupy a small portion of Greater Israel and are beset by problems, water shortages, religious schisms and threats of destruction, etc. Many, many prophecies predict a remarkable future greatness for ALL the tribes of Israel. Most Bible scholars relegate these predictions to the Millennium, as they cannot see any earlier fulfilment. They have often been influenced by the traditional “Rapture/Great Tribulation” view and a belief that thinks the Israel of God is separate from the church of born again believers.

But when thought is given to what so clearly must happen before Jesus Returns, then wonderful is the prospect of a righteous nation, living in peace and security in the Promised Land – after the whole area is cleared and cleansed by this great Day of the Lord’s vengeance. Isaiah 30:26, Malachi 4:1-3, 2 Peter 3:7

For the universal Church of Jesus Christ and all peoples, it is time to realize that we are now at the edge of cataclysmic events. The obvious determination and preparedness of Israel’s enemies is so great, that there may be no defense adequate to cope with their attack. It will require divine intervention to avoid annihilation. If God does not defend and protect His people from their sworn enemies, then His self acclaimed title of ‘the Holy One of Israel’ and ‘the Lord of heavens armies’ will be meaningless.  I refer here to righteous Israel – of all the true Christian believers, be they descendants of Jacob or grafted in, now alive in all the world. This event will be the fulfilment of Isaiah 63:1-6, Deuteronomy 32:34-35, Revelation 6:12-17, Isaiah 66:15-16, Zephaniah 1:14-18 & 3:8

 The assurances given concerning the protection of righteous Israel, if not kept, would render His Word unreliable, and His character flawed. God’s promises never fail, He will protect His people, every faithful believer, during His Day of vengeance and wrath against His enemies. Isaiah 43:2 a