Labour Pangs

Romans 8:19-23 The created universe is waiting with eager expectation for God’s sons to be revealed.  It was His choice to subject all things to mortality and decay, with the eventual goal of His people entering into the glorious liberty of immortality and a renewed creation. Up to the present as we know, the whole of creation, in all its parts, groans as if in the pangs of childbirth. What is more, we also, to whom the Spirit is given as first-fruits of the harvest to come, are inwardly groaning in anticipation of our adoption as children of God and our liberation from mortality.

Isaiah 42:13-15 The Lord has kept silence and restrained Himself for all this age, allowing this world to go its own way. But as the appointed time approaches, He is like a woman in labour, prepared and ready to take action. The Lord will go forth as a warrior, roused to a fury in the heat of battle. He will shout His battle cry and will triumph over His enemies. The land will be laid to waste, all the plants and trees will burn and the streams and lakes will become dry.   Isaiah 63:4, Habakkuk 2:3, Jeremiah 4:23-28

Matthew 24:3-8 Lord; tell us the signs of the end of this age. Jesus replied: Take care that no-one misleads you, for many false Messiahs and teachers will come and many will be fooled by them. The time is coming when you will hear of wars and rumours of wars, for there will be an increase of wars, earthquakes, diseases and famines. All these things are the birth pangs of the new age.   Jeremiah 15:2

As Jesus prophesied, there will be wars, earthquakes, diseases and famines at the end of this age. He likened these things to ‘birth pangs’.  When we consider normal childbirth, the labour pangs are separated by periods of relative calm. So if there have been times when clusters of those four disasters have occurred, we can ascertain that time must be very short for this age. Here are the facts:

1/ In 1914-19, World War 1 occurred. There were 7 earthquakes of over 8 magnitude. Smallpox and typhus killed millions, but Spanish flu killed at least 50 million in 1918/19. There were terrible famines in Europe and Russia.

2/  During 1939-45 there was World War 2 and 8 earthquakes of over 8 magnitude. Typhus again killed millions, in North Africa, in Iran and Europe. Anne Frank died of typhus.  A terrible famine in China killed at least 45 million.

3/ The data suggests that the third ‘birth pang’, commenced in Nov. 11, 2001. Wars and rumours of wars are rife.  It is considered that the global war on terrorism is a world war. There have been more than 20 earthquakes of 8 and two over 9 magnitude. Diseases such as cancer and AIDs are of epidemic proportions. Crop failures due to unusual weather and wars result in famines in Asia, Russia and Africa.

4/ The fourth and final ‘birth pang’, will be the Great Tribulation, so vividly described in Revelation, but ending with the Return of Jesus and the birth of the Millennial era.

But the last, most shocking and devastating event of the third birth pang, will be the great Day of the Lord’s vengeance and wrath.  This will be the many prophesied ‘fire from heaven’ that describes a huge Coronal Mass Ejection sunstrike, will affect the whole world, killing probably billions.  This will enable two things; the establishment of a One World Government and the settling of the Lord’s people into all of the holy Land.   The time gap of the Seventh Seal, Revelation 8:1, [1/2 hour in Heaven = 20 years on earth] from this CME until the Great Tribulation is prophesied as a time of peace and prosperity. After the G.T. Jesus will Return for His Millennial reign.