King David’s Example

       The greatest of faults is to be unaware of your own faults.

Readers of the Bible, above all, should know better. Who is called in there;”the man after Gods own heart”?

David, the Israelite King had fallen into many sins. And, so, unbelievers sneer and ask; Is this your man according to Gods heart?

What is most important is not the outward, visible transgressions, but the inward remorse, the repentance of conscious, and unknowing sins.

David’s life and history, given to us in the Psalms, is the truest example of a man’s moral progress and struggle on earth. All should see in his life the progress of an earnest soul toward what is good and best.

Poor human nature – isn’t our walk through life always that – a succession of falls?. Man can do no other. We must struggle onwards, now fallen, but ever with tears and repentance and rise again.

Reference, Thomas Carlyle