Jesus Came to bring about Spiritual Restoration

Jesus came to bring about a spiritual restoration. He brought the New Covenant into the world by his blood. Matthew 26:28  

Through Jesus Christ, the Apostolic church are the new Israelites of God. Jesus Himself was the true Israel. He was everything that Israel was supposed to be, but never was. They never lived up to what God wanted them to be, until Jesus came and He,as the promised seed of Abraham, Galatians 3:16, is the real Israel.

One of the metaphors of Israel was the vine. Jeremiah 2:21, Isaiah 5:7

When Jesus came he made it clear that HE was the vine. John 15:1 He said: I am the vine. You are the branches. That is: I am the true Israel, you who believe in Me are a part of Israel.  [the Hebrew word; ‘Israel’, means: ‘Overcomers for God’.]

 So, Christians are His body and He is the head of it. Each individual righteous Christian belongs to the Israel of God. They are the true Israel, the chosen people.

What was Israel, the ethnic people, chosen for? They were chosen to be a holy people  in the midst of a wicked, perverted and pagan world. They were chosen to be the witnesses of the One God in the midst of a world that believed in numerous gods. That’s what their task was. And through the Kingly line of Judah, they brought forth the Messiah into the world. They rejected Him, so the Kingdom was taken from them. Matthew 21:43

Now, true Christians, the real ekkelasia of faithful Christian peoples, has become the chosen people because we witness the Gospel and we are the nation that bears the proper fruit.

True Christian believers are the new Israel, the visible Israel of God on earth.

Bible prophecy, especially Revelation can never be properly understood unless you know who the holy people of God really are. Revelation 13:7, Daniel 7:25  If you get that right then you will see God’s plan in all of Bible prophecy correctly.

Christian believers are the Israel of God and to think God is going to save and redeem the Jewish State of Israel while the ‘Church’ is raptured to heaven, is to believe a Satanic lie. Bible prophecy is clear: everyone remains on earth, to face the testing times ahead and to fulfil our tasks of being God’s witnesses, Isaiah 43:10, John 15:27, and being His light to the nations. Isaiah 49:8, Matthew 5:14-16