Jacob will lose his Strength

Jacob will lose his strength     Jeremiah 30:7, Isaiah 17:4-6

Jacob/Israel, the father of the twelve tribes of Israel. We know of the visible entity of the State of Israel and the other Jewish people scattered around the world. But of the other ten tribes, who were taken out of the holy Land and dispersed in circa 719BCE, we cannot be certain of who or where they are now. This is as God wanted it to be.  1 Kings 12:24, Deuteronomy 4:27, Ezekiel 34:5

However, careful research of the historical record, archaeological evidence and things like DNA testing, confirms that they travelled to and settled in what is now the Western nations. The majority seem to be in Europe, North America and also Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Who the ‘Lost Tribes’ are now seems very much related to the Christian nations.  Acts 26:7

Therefore this disastrous event that will cause their loss of strength will affect all of them.

Isaiah 30:25-28 tells us that ‘on the Day fortresses fall’, the sun will explode out a huge coronal mass ejection, which will cause the literal and complete fulfilment of all the prophecies about the forthcoming ‘devouring fire, that sieves out the nations for destruction’.  Habakkuk 3:12, Joel 2:6, Isaiah 34:1-4

Many prophecies say how all the world’s military powers will be destroyed and wiped out on this great Day of the Lord’s wrath. Hosea 2:18, Amos 5:9, Jeremiah 50:27

Jeremiah 50:22-25 The sound of war and destruction is heard in the land. See how the hammer of the whole world is shattered and broken, how Babylon has become a thing of horror among the nations! They are trapped and punished because they challenged God. The Lord opens His armoury and brings out His weapons of wrath, this is His work to do in the land of those who deny Him.  Deut. 32:22

Isaiah 18:1-7 Go swiftly My messengers to a distant land, a land of many rivers, to a people tall and smooth skinned; a nation strong and aggressive, dreaded by all the world. All the peoples of the earth will see the sign and hear the trumpet call for them. The Lord will wait and watch from His dwelling place, then when the ‘fruit is ripe’, the pruning will happen and ‘all the unwanted shoots and branches’, will be removed and burnt. [Rev. 14:14-16] Their land will be left to the wild birds and animals.

      At that time, tribute will be brought by those people to the Lord. They will bring it to the place where the Name of the Lord of heavens armies dwells, to Mt Zion.

       Reference: Revised English Bible. Some verses abridged.

The United States of America, is a land of many rivers, is the modern policeman of the world and is now a Babylon type nation. These tall and smooth skinned people challenge God with laws that refute the Commandments and atheist teaching, such as evolution. They are strong and aggressive and their power is feared by every nation of the world.

God is watching them and at the right time, He will open His armoury and destroy their strength by His terrible judgement of fire. The whole country will become virtually depopulated and the survivors will bring tribute to the Lord, in Jerusalem.