Jacob is in Trouble

Jacob is in Trouble

Joshua 22:18 If today you defy the Lord, tomorrow He will be angry with all of Israel.

On Monday the 29th July, 2013 both Israel and the United States of America became apostate nations in the sight of the Lord –the One true God and Maker of all there is. Israel is no longer just a Jewish nation, she is in a covenant with Allah, the false god of Islam. America is no longer just a Christian nation, she is in a covenant with Allah, the false god of Islam.

On that Monday evening, both the Israeli and American leaders shared the Itfar meal with the Palestinians.  Itfar is the special celebration to mark the end of Ramadan – a month of fasting during the daytime for all Muslims. This meal is dedicated to Allah by this prayer: ‘O Allah, it is for thee that I observe fast and it is with thy blessing that I break it’.  To say that means you are in agreement with that belief system.

What happened to the Children of Israel when they were on the East side of the Jordan, opposite Jericho, is a lesson for us today:

Numbers 25:1-3…the Israelite men began to have intercourse with the Moabite women, who invited them to the sacrifices offered to their gods. The men ate the dedicated food and prostrated themselves before the gods of Moab. They joined in the worship of the Baal of Peor and that aroused the anger of the Lord.

Because they ate the food dedicated to Baal and committed fornication with the Midianite women, the Lord exercised His right to destroy them under the terms of their Covenant agreement with Him and a plague killed 24,000 of them. If you think this ancient judgement is no longer relevant, you are wrong – the Lord does not change, His definition of what constitutes a Covenant remains the same. Eating a meal with the enemy who are engaged in the celebration of their god, with food dedicated to that god, constitutes making a covenant with that god according to every definition given to us in Scripture.

Spiritually, Jacob just made a covenant with Esau and Esau’s god – Allah. Those leaders knew what they were doing, they all understood the cultural implications of what they did, but not the Spiritual.  The Palestinian flag was displayed in the Israeli Parliament and in the White House.  Now, in the Lord’s eyes, it appears as if the whole House of Jacob, Jews and Christians, have embraced a false god.

Scripture tells us that a husband can cancel an oath made by his wife, so the Lord could cancel that oath with Islam, but because we are now in a state of divorce with our God, Hosea 2:2, that cannot happen. This covenant with another god, gives our true God the right to pass judgement and exact His punishment upon His people.

Ezekiel 20:30-33 The Lord asks: Are you defiling yourselves as your forefathers did and lusting after their loathsome gods? …When you say: Let us become like the other nations and worship idols, you are doing something that I cannot allow.  With My outpoured wrath, I shall reign over you with My strong right Hand.

Jeremiah 30:4-11… How awful is that Day, when has there been its like? It will be a time of trouble for Jacob, yet he will come through it safely… Isaiah 43:1-3

The Lord will refine with fire, discipline as deserved, but do not despair, Jacob My servant, for I shall bring you back safe from afar and all Israel will be at rest once more, safe in the holy Land.   Isaiah 14:1-2         Ref: REB

Praise the Lord for His mercy!