It isn’t very pleasant to know the Lord can control our thinking

It isn’t very pleasant to think that the Lord can control our thinking. It brings free will into question, but who are we? He is the Creator.

Someone made the comment that it seems as though God is playing something like a  video game; setting up situations and watching the outcomes.

But of course, God cannot give the game away, all the non-Christian peoples must not know His plans and even with the so called Christians, it is estimated that there may be only 2% who are honestly faithful. The other 98% follow false doctrines and cults or just simply warm a pew for an hour or so per week, the rest of the time they lie about anything, steal if the opportunity offers, commit adultery, etc, etc.

So what can we do? At least, if you belong to this forum you are making an effort to gain understanding of the end times. However, everywhere around us, ideas and theories are put forward that have no sound scriptural basis. Outdated and biased translations are a serious handicap. One example is in Luke 21:36; ‘escape all these things’, more correctly translated is; ‘to pass safely through all that is to come’, so as not to be a contradiction of verse 35.

Of course belief in God and the Lord Jesus, true repentance of sins and fervent prayers are essential to become right with God.

From my studies of prophecy, I firmly believe that very soon there will be an event of a similar magnitude to the great flood of Noah’s time. This time, most of the world’s population will survive. To be among the survivors we must heed the warnings, be aware of what will happen and be prepared for it.  But our main hope is to have absolute trust in the Lord’s salvation and His promises of protection. Isaiah 30:15, Isaiah 41:15, Zechariah 9:15-16, 1 Peter 1:21, +