It is very sad….Rapture Refuted

It is very sad that there is such a proliferation of theories and ideas about what will happen in the last days. This is actually a strong indication of who it is that causes these disagreement and arguments: the author of lies, the great deceiver must be behind most, if not all of it.
Jesus warned us to be not deceived; Matthew 24:4, so we know it can happen! Has any of us never been fooled? We are all suckers for a good deal or investment, but if it is too good to be true; then it probably isn’t true!

The idea of a rapture removal to heaven before disaster strikes, is a prime example and when this and other things like prosperity theology are preached and taught by people of high standing, it’s no wonder that many are led to believe those teachings. People fail to check their Bibles for proof that what they have been told, is really what the Lord has planned.
What we Christians are plainly told, is that we can expect trials and testing, 1 Peter 3:12, and we must endure and stand strong in our faith. Revelation 13:9-10

HOWEVER, if good Christian people have believed a wrong teaching about what the Lord will do for them, this is not a salvation issue. PROVIDED; they do not lose their faith that He will save them.
This is where, unfortunately, so many will fall away when the test comes. What they expected won’t happen and they will renounce God, to their eternal loss.