It is essential to realize……

It is essential to realize that modern Israel is not the true Israel of God but imposters who have usurped the birthright name Israel from the house of Israel, that lost their national identity when they were taken captive by the Assyrians from 745-717 BC. The people of Israel were dispersed among the nations and lost the knowledge of their ancestry, as it is still today.

If we want to seek for the lost house of Israel, the only logical place to look is in the Christianized nations of the west that were established in Europe and the British Isles and spread from there to North America, then around the world.  The mission of Jesus to the lost sheep of Israel, did not fail, but has had a resounding success!

If the atheistic and communist Zionists had taken the name Judah for their nation, they would have been closer to the truth, but even then it would not have been the truth, for that nation is more aligned with the birthright claims of Esau and Ishmael than with the sceptre of Judah.

Is the present-day Israel that rejects Christ producing the fruit of the Kingdom? No! Why? Because Jesus’ judgment still stands: May no one ever eat fruit from you again!  Matthew 21:19

Pay close attention to Jesus’ Word. Many today believe that the modern-day Israel will bear fruit simply because they claim to have the correct genes that make them God’s chosen people. Genes do not make one God’s chosen, faith does, regardless of one’s race, color, gender or language.