Israelis and Israelites

Israelis: The current inhabitants of the State of Israel.

Israelites: True descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, or those people grafted in by reason of righteousness. Only God knows who they all are. Amos 9:9, Romans 9:6

Most Western Christians view modern Israelis as a continuation of the ancient Biblical drama of Israel and as the inheritors of the traditional role that the Jews have played through the ages.  Through them, we have a universal moral code of justice: the Ten Commandments.  These Divinely inspired Laws form the basis of our Judeo/Christian morality and ethics.  Therefore modern Israel has been expected to reflect a high level of justice and morality in its actions.

Jewish teaching also says that history is not as the Greeks taught it, that is: a cyclical series of events in which mankind gets no better or no worse. The Torah, the Talmud and the Mishnah, all teach that we can steadily uplift human society and eventually there will come a Messianic era of true peace and harmony.

Although the State of Israel does display restraint in their dealings with their neighbours, it can hardly be said that they maintain Biblical precepts, such as ‘Love thy neighbour’.  And as for moral leadership, Israeli’s are a seriously bad example!

What then of the prophesies that say the Israelites are a chosen people, destined to be a ‘light to the nations’?  We must be aware and keep in mind that the Jewish people are comprised of only 2 tribes, of the original 12 sons of Jacob. [Parts of some other tribes are assimilated.]  Ezekiel 22:15  The Jewish Israeli people are just ‘the budding of the fig tree’, a first fruit of the final regathering of ALL the Israelite people.

We are told in many prophecies that Judah will be judged and punished for their many sins, but a remnant will survive to become a ‘holy seed in the Land’. Isaiah 6:13   Then, the great spiritual regeneration and rejoining of all the Israelites will take place; Ezekiel 37:1-19, and as Ezekiel 37:20-28 goes on to say: I shall make them a single nation in the holy Land and I shall pour out My Spirit upon them.  Isaiah 44:1-5

Then the Lord’s righteous people will be His witnesses, Isaiah 43:10 and 12,000 from each tribe will go out to the world, to proclaim the coming Kingdom of Jesus. Rev. 14:1-7, Isaiah 66:19  This judgement/punishment event will severely affect the whole world, Luke 21:35 and the nations will cede their sovereignty to a One World Government in order to re-establish normal life and initially ten regions will be formed, each with a Governor or President.  Fairly soon, a charismatic and powerful man will rise and take control of them all, declaring himself to be the great leader and saviour of humankind.

New Israel, [Beulah, Isaiah 62:1-5] will not join this federation and they become rich and prosperous, blessed by the Lord, living in peace as God wipes out the Gog/Magog attack, but they become complacent and when the OWG leader comes to make a peace treaty with them, their leaders agree to it, forgetting that it is the Lord who protects and saves them. Isa 28:18 This is the trigger for the start of the final seven years, as prophesied in Daniel.  The first 3.5 years will be peaceful, but then the OWG leader comes to Jerusalem with his army and conquers Beulah.  He goes to the new Temple and sits in the Holy of Holies, declaring himself to be God. This commences the trumpet and bowl punishments of the great Tribulation, which lasts for 3.5 years. Those righteous Israelites, who refused to agree to the treaty with the OWG leader, are promised a place of safety for this time. Then the Lord Jesus will Return in glory, to reign on earth for 1000 years. After that comes the Great White Throne judgement of all the living and dead.  Finally: eternity with God in the New Jerusalem!